Episode #250​ Why & How Being A Reluctant Creative Real Estate Buyer Excels A Rookies Education Immensely!

By | April 26, 2021

Any Rookie looking for quick creative real estate muscle to shorten up their run-way of education, so they can get quicker results, should listen to this very rare and unorthodox’ed podcast to stack the deck in their favor! This unusual strategy is like flipping the game board, and scattering the pieces all over the place. Then while picking up those pieces you have an oracle moment where the ray of light shines down upon you with extreme clarity so from that point forward you never stumble or struggle with playing the game ever again. I am talking … completely OFF THE CHARTS different. Mostly by shearly discovering some of the most basic and innocent seller rules, that when applied is like holding up a treat for an untrained dog … and saying: “come here Fido,” and he comes running! And today we are going to give you these skills, so you can do it tomorrow with ease. So strap your seat-belt on, and let’s take this ride together, and you too can start making deals the way the PRO’s do in the micro-time it takes most to learn how …

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