Bonus Episode: What Is CTN & Why You Need It So Much . . .

Every month I do a LIVE meeting with local investor’s. On the first Wednesday of each month I go over my most ‘inner’ and valuable strategies on how I have bought and sold over 100 properties in my career. Well, in June 2016 I decided to go to LA (Los Angeles) for a two week

Flipping Houses For Rookies Podcast Episode #232 Confidential & Top Secret Crackerjack Ways To Acquire More Creative Real Estate Deals Easily

NEWS-FLASH: You don’t need to have the best, or most, even the biggest resources and financial backing when acquiring, or (as Nelson Rockefeller says) “controlling” real estate. And you can do deals even when competing against more skilled investor’s, or marketing guys, and even negotiating PRO’s. All you need to do is devote oneself to