Can You Pass This Real Estate Investor Test?

Here is the test: Do you have a high 700 credit score (or higher)? Do you have 20% down for a purchase? Do you have about 5-6 hours per day for the MLS? Did you spend about $30K on training to flip houses? Did you quit your job so you can do this full time?

Are You Ready To Buy Your First Piece Of Real Estate & Flip It?

Here’s the biggest misconception . . . Most “newbie” real estate flippers believe they can’t flip a house! What does this mean to you? Perhaps you are one of those who are researching property all of the time? Or worried about buying a property, then get a deal and not know what to do. Worse

How To Flip A House With (Almost) No Training!

You’ve finally found it. And yes, it can be done here! Do you tell yourself you can’t flip a house because you don’t have the time? The kids eat up your schedule? You have a job and no time to train or actually do it? But you would love to flip a house for some