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Welcome to Flipping Houses for Rookies!

Flipping Houses for Rookies is a podcast that focuses on all the important factors that you need to do to flip houses and get into the real estate investing business! You can listen to all of the podcasts below or to the right. You can also find them on iTunes (button to the right to subscribe!), Google Play, or any of the major podcasting services!

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Episode #149 How To Survive Anyone Selling Real Estate

The biggest and most common mistake any investor makes.. is always on the first contact, why? Because you only have a minute or two for the seller to decide they want to keep giving their attention. And, just like a teenage boy at a Friday night dance (with girls) the seller one has one thing on their mind, your seller doesn’t want to sell yet, nope! Not just yet. What your seller needs before selling is an offer. Why? What if the buyer and seller are not a match? What if the buyer wants to pay $100k for a $200k house? Just like the teenage girls are the party… they won’t stick around to see what’s available. What does this mean to you? You don’t have much time on the initial contact to get your seller interested in the ‘deal’ giving too much away. Listen to this podcast to see how to keep sellers interested and listening to your offer. So let’s get started …

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Episode #148 15-Costly Mistakes Real Estate Investors Make …

When you think ‘real estate investing’, do you feel there are mental blocks stopping or slowing you down? Maybe you feel that only others can make bundles of income and you are not cut out for it? Perhaps you think there is a treacherous side of the business that may eat up all your chase and ruin your like if you make a mistake. In todays ‘cutthroat’ environment you need to start on your toes or you won’t make it! Then out of the blue someone like Bill and Pete the Rookie come along and so amazing things like we are about to do in this podcast. And pull back the curtain and reveal some underlying reasons why you are so nervous. And once we shed light to these common mistakes, the pain and suffering will go away. An most important of all, these were discovered in case after case and have been proven by thousands before you. Sound impossible? Not at all, just listen to this episode and see how simple it could be!

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Episode #147 Suspects Can Be Cruel!

The most important (and most little known) secret with real investors is knowing whether or not your seller is motivated! In other words, the only time you should go look at property, evaluate repairs, comp it, or spend more than 5 minutes on it… is when the seller has proven and earned your time and expertise to help them. And if the seller can’t do this, well… you ‘whack ’em’. And if you don’t – your the fool working for nothing but acceptance from your seller. The biggest – and most common mistake almost every real estate investors make is dealing with fake sellers or not motivated time vampire, dream stealing suspects! So in this podcast we are going to reveal why ‘the jury is no longer out’ on this common belief that every real estate seller is for us, and the ‘dead giveaways’ which all top notch investors know they they do lots of deals – and never burn out! So let’s dig into some of the fastest known ways to deal with these blood sucking critters ..

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Episode #146 How Do I Finance My First Real Estate Deal?

It’s so funny to me that when most folks think of buying real estate, the first questions they are is ‘Who”s got the money?’ What’s unbelievable to me is maybe 1 out of 100 investors get get how backwards this truly is. In this podcast, we are going to talk about why this one wrong question keeps thousands upon thousands of people from investing in the most incredible business on the planet earth. It’s safe, predictable, reliable, and most important – lucrative! And … there is plenty for everyone once you understand how to fund as many deals as you can find. In fact, it is almost impossible not to succeed once we share how we fin deals in this episode. Besides that, many have taken outa dives and techniques and pull $10,000 months. The question now is will you listen and be next?

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Episode $145 Learning The Art Of Making Time For Real Estate …

Beware! This podcast is not for the faint hearted, flattering polite, or desperate to be liked. Time (as you undoubtedly discovered) is the most precious asset any human has. Time to solve problems. Time to develop a plan. Time to gather information. Time to develop marketing, lease, sales, managing, and profits of whatever you do. There have probably been plenty of times you’ve said to yourself ‘If I could find an extra hour to …’. Well in this podcast, we are going for more than just that extra hour. What we are going to do today is much bigger than just eking out an extra hour here and there. We will drastically re-enginner you entire relationship with time. The biggest and ugliest little secret about your personal and financial wealth has to do with use and/or misuse of time! Think that’s bold? Let’s dig in and see why I say this …

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Episod #144 To Real Estate Investors Who Want To Quit One Day

Cash is king! If you don’t know or learn how to convert houses into fast cash or monthly cash flow whether you’re wealthy or flat broke … You are in the inconvenienced income bracket. In other words, you are forced to do things you don’t want to do just for income. Most think they need wealth to be independence, but that is a big fat myth. In this podcast we are going to cover simple math that is right under your nose that you don’t see, but once we shine the light on it for you, the curtain to your stage will open and the whole world can see your passion and help you help real estate sellers and buyers to get that they want while you gain your independence! And that will change your life. So let’s get to work …

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Episode #143 Deal Structuring – Creative Real Estate Math!

Yes, there is a ‘real estate investor wizard fraternity’. Many of then hang out together, talk deals together, share ideas with each other. And yes, there are a few things they’d rather you didn’t think about when they perform their wizardry magic shows. This podcast is going to be an introduction to you, and reveal what kind of things get talked about in these fraternities, plus who happens behind the scenes of how monster real estate deals are acquired. Don’t misunderstand, few of these wizards are evil. They are just bringing their magic to the show so you will give them your attention … then maybe buy something! Unlike many of these wizards, we want to explain down to earth practical ways to make real estate deals so you can go do a real tomorrow, earn some money, then fund your education. Let’s get started …

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Episode #142 Get Instant Real Estate Leads (The Short-Cut!)

After coaching hundreds of folks wanting to turn houses into income … I found the number one thing that kills the investor, his dreams, and get him into debt and trouble is not having enough leads to sustains the investor’s intentions. Most can’t (and shouldn’t) quit their current income course until they can replace it with another that is reliable and dependable. So you need to approach real estate investing intelligently, with a real good plan. And if you do what we will teach you in this podcast, you will be rewarded like very few businesses can. But you have to know the success or failure of buying and selling houses is finding and having a steady flow of leads. It’s vital! Doing what we are about to cover in this episode is first and foremost on the list of success that will follow, so let’s get started …

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Episode #141 Where To Get Miscellaneous Money For Real Estate Deals!

Most get nervous or think it’s trouble to get miscellaneous money for things like title searches, attorneys, holding costs, or the ‘in the meantime’ money when doing deals. As I have explained many times in the past… there are two ways to lose money in real estate: 1) write a big chess to buy a house 2) by guaranteeing debt (specially personally). Simply don’t make these promises, and you will be safe. But what about the misc money to get you a deal? Where do you get this money? Sometimes, when converting houses to fast cash, you need a little seed money. In this podcast, we are going to talk about many selections you can use to fund these costs! So let’s get started…

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Episode #140 Stay Away from Inconvenienced Income …

Imagine this … You could analyze a property using the fewest numbers as possible and get the most profit! Then buy it, sell it, and increase your bank account easily. What would this do to you inconvenienced income (or job) that you are currently struggling with. Wouldn’t it make sense having a quick and efficient way to determine whether you should take the next step on any deal would change your current status of income? It’s important you find motivated sellers, but it’s more important you figure out quickly it’s a deal or not, and don’t waste valuable time and resources. Sellers fantasize about their huge profits and don’t really judge whether the buyer could actually close with such a high selling price. In this podcast you will learn how to weed through these overzealous sellers and find the one or two deals you can do so your bank balance fattens quickly. So let’s get started …

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