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Flipping Houses for Rookies is a podcast that focuses on all the important factors that you need to do to flip houses and get into the real estate investing business! You can listen to all of the podcasts below or to the right. You can also find them on iTunes (button to the right to subscribe!), Google Play, or any of the major podcasting services!

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Episode #241​ Congress Stimulus Package For Real Estate Rookies To Get Gargantuan Creative Profits!

If you are anything like me, you might be wondering how all this Congress Stimulus Package stuff is going to effect me buying creative real estate deals when and if it is going to happen? Which is why I needed to call in a financial PRO, so we can get his opinion on the Stimulus Package, and our opinion on the real estate portion. Which means you should expect to get some amazing jewels on how to accurately operate during these totally weird but opportunistic times never really experienced in history. Remember … the most amount of money ever made, is during the most amount of chaos. Which means you need to stop hearing all the “noise” and concentrate or focus on what will get you the best results. And listening to conversations like in this podcast episode can help you keep your eye on the mountain that should be your futures freedom financially, and every other way you decide. So make sure you listen with a clear mind and don’t let your opinions block information until the call is over. Let’s get started …

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Episode #240 Rookies Dictionary For Creative Real Estate Terms Most Need & Want. Part #3

In this highly talked about, and underachieved industry we call Creative Real Estate Investing, the most highly kept secret is: Words and phrases can set you FREE! As far as I am concerned … the ONLY way to grow into total freedom is when you can work once, and get paid multiple times. And real estate is one of the few careers that can give you that. The only draw-back is understanding how to do it without a long runway or Yale six-year degree! When in-fact your limited to succeeding with real estate investing falls into your ability to read and speak accurately, flawlessly, and with complete fluency using Creative Real Estate talk. All too often investors learn these important terms and dialect by listening in seminars, or videos and going past misunderstandings to only make up their own definitions by the way the words are used in a sentence. Allowing those mis-interpretation to sneak in and add to the time and money when first learning. This episode, along with #239 & #239 will give you the quantum leap you have desired for a log time. So study these three podcast well!

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Episode #239 Rookies Dictionary For Creative Real Estate Terms Most Need & Want! Part #2

Looking to escape from the quick-sand of not doing exceptionally well at being a Creative Real Estate Investor? The only way to become a genius in creative real estate investing and be FREE is to speak the language accurately, flawlessly, and with complete fluency. And, the mistake 99% of all real estate investors make, is they learn how to speak our dialect by listening to others speak it at seminars, in books, on video, and listening to podcasts, etc. This leaving the door wide open to use these terms to impress listeners when they themselves really don’t know what these terms or phrases mean. And, in most cases, because of this type of education (or lack of), it adds years and a lot of expense to the Creative Real Estate Investors success. But, because this topic of understanding the terms and phrases sounds boring, and is not sexy, it is NOT taught. Which is why this industry is so confusing when first getting involved. This podcast, along with episode #239, will give you the quantum leap you have been seeking for so long! So listen many times, and take good notes for reference when needed!

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Episode #238 Rookies Dictionary For Creative Real Estate Terms Most Need & Want! Part #1

In order to do Creative Real Estate deals correctly and professionally, you must speak the language accurately, flawlessly, and with complete fluency. You have heard me explain multiple times … it’s not the math that makes a deal, but the language and conversation that makes unbelievable deals. Most often we learn how to speak a dialect by listening to others speak. And this is the beggining of the problem that runs ramped in Creative Real Estate production and results. I find many words and terms are largely unknown by most investors. And yet, most don’t even know it! Often this is done by investors to impress their listeners. Realize this … for those who are literate in this industry – using these words and phrases incorrectly are a red flag. They say knowledge is power. Well what you are about to absorb & learn in this podcast will be the hard cold facts that can give you the quantum leap that you have been seeking for some time now! And, I beg you to listen several times, plus at least once take good notes to reference back to when needed!

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Episode #237 8-Dependable Ways For Rookies To Find Creative real Estate Deals Indisputably!

Are you finding enough “flexible” sellers, or do you find it difficult and almost impossible to even get up to making offers to hard sellers? Maybe you think you need to spend a lot of money, time, or resources to find these needles in a haystack? Perhaps your plan didn’t include having to spend so much time talking to suspect sellers? Well, I have bad news … finding leads to make offers to is the primary piece of successful creative real estate investing business. So maybe you need to know a few “short-cuts,” or ways to stream-line getting to the prospects who want to hear them instead of making you feel like a fool for asking! This podcast is set up to help investors with any budget, even none. The investors whom get the biggest and highest paychecks are the ones whom master what you are about to hear. So if you are trying to change your life through real estate income, then this podcast is a must for your bag of tools. So, sit back, listen, absorb, then apply … and you will soon get your life back!!

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Episode #236 Real Estate “Special Forces Phrases” To Defuse “Offer-Awkward” Rookies Quickly

Have you ever noticed, after watching a good action movie, you can remember the fight scenes? And in many cases, mimic what you saw? That’s because outside of being in a real fight, this is the best way to learn fighting, or defending yourself. By watching the scenario unfold right in front of you on the BIG screen in “live-action.” It is very easy for your mind to absorb these scenarios and then mimic what you saw. So this, so this means for best learning, Rookies need close combat training, without getting their asses kicked and put in the hospital. Scenarios like a good :action-flick” that would be both entertaining and educational. Where it would show you realistic (and common) scenes, and you go back into your life, and it works for you? Plus how to defend any income trouble. To prove this is true this is true, and that any “offer-awkward” Rookie can do this, we have arranged this podcast, so you can defuse this “offer-awkwardness” in privacy as you listen along, without any risk or getting hurt. Once you are done … will agree this is the only proven and effective way to conquer deal after deal to win the fight. So grab a pencil and paper and let’s go …

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Episode #235 Additional 12-Ways For Rookies To Convince Sellers To Do Creative Deals Easily!

Creative real estate investing includes a wide range of acquisitions most don’t even know exist. But have been used for hundreds of years. The odd part is the newest way we do rel estate transactions with Realtors has only been around since 1949 (when the Realtor Association formed). Yet this new party has attacked our old and traditional way of doing real estate transactions by calling them “alternative real estate.” This leaving a wide range of extraordinary solutions closed off to some sellers that would jump at the opportunity to get higher sales prices, and pay less closing costs. Which in-turn makes the seller more money. Unfortunately talking to sellers who know nothing of these solutions is like talking to a drug addict. They actually believe it is best for them. Which is why we are doing part #2 of convincing sellers to do creative real estate deals. The words you use in this line of work could keep you poor, or make you millions. So grab some paper and a pencil and let’s dig into what has made more Millionaires than anything else on planet earth for hundreds of years. And now you can have it too …

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Episode #234 12-Ways For Rookies To Convince Sellers To Do Creative Deals Easily!

NO LIE … being exceptionally good at talking to sellers about pretty house creative deal structuring can make a world of difference with your success! But what do you do until you become exceptionally good? Do you use the latest manipulate tricks taught by many out there … and hope you figure it out as you see deal after deal pass you by while making these “learning-curve” mistakes? Or, do you take the short-cuts and natural process that we will reveal in this podcast? Real estate is one of the oldest industries on planet earth. Others before us have made their millions (or billions). So it would make sense we DO NOT need to reinvent the wheel. But instead we should perhaps study what was successful through the centuries. To know how to help sellers make decisions using harmony and not manipulation or tricks, so you get deals done. Listen to this podcast to get an enormous advantage over 98% of all other investors out there. If, of course, you apply it!

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Episode #233 Doing Weekend Creative Real Estate Deals!

If you are broke or wealthy this podcast is going to make a lot of sense to you! In fact, if you are broke, you may actually have an advantage because you have a choice to learn before you leap into deals. Those who usually have money tend to leap before they learn, then find the most “unlikely” places to blame their failures. Like the economy, their spouse, the seller, the buyer, lawyer, etc. Everyone, except themselves. And, I am NOT talking about getting a Harvard or Yale education that takes years to get. I am talking about you having some good solid fundamentals before leaping. Doing a few no money, no risk deals. Get the practice, then move up the ladder once you have experience. And today I am going to show you how to do these type of deals, and where the money is. In fact, I think it is smart to do quick and easy deals to generate cash now, then slowly work on using that cashflow for education and creating other deals to produce steady cashflow to cover living expenses and actually fire your boss – even if that’s you!

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Episode #232 Confidential & Top Secret Crackerjack Ways To Acquire More Creative Real Estate Deals Easily

NEWS-FLASH: You don’t need to have the best, or most, even the biggest resources and financial backing when acquiring, or (as Nelson Rockefeller says) “controlling” real estate. And you can do deals even when competing against more skilled investor’s, or marketing guys, and even negotiating PRO’s. All you need to do is devote oneself to the principles found in this remarkable podcast we are about to “unleash” on you, and you will instead realize how much you should focus on your natural harmony with sellers whether face-to-face, on the phones, Zoom calls, and any conversation you have with them. These easy to learn principles have been used successfully for centuries by some of the world’s best persuaders in many industries. Yet when you hear them you will soon notice how they fit into any normal conversation and are the furthest thing from “sale-talk” while you are qualifying each to make sure it’s best to move forward – or not! Then actually have the seller give you offers, so you don’t need a real estate investor degree to get lots of deals under your belt!

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