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Flipping Houses for Rookies is a podcast that focuses on all the important factors that you need to do to flip houses and get into the real estate investing business! You can listen to all of the podcasts below or to the right. You can also find them on iTunes (button to the right to subscribe!), Google Play, or any of the major podcasting services!

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Episode #287 Competition Is For Losers: How To Easily Stop Competing Using Creative Real Estate Deals!

If you actually approached Creative real Estate transactions with the attitude of the deal is all about giving, and not taking from Sellers, things would drastically shift in your ability to knock out all the competition, and get you WAY more deals. Truth is … your ability to succeed is absolutely based on the quality of the people in your life, which tells me, freedom then is measured by your ability to connect and develop relationships with the correct people to do real estate transactions with. Once you get done working with us in this one podcast, you should walk away knowing how to generate high profit deals before anyone knows about the opportunity ever existed. Plus, how to avoid the deal “time vampires” that are just sucking you dry, only wanting “what’s in it for them,” not giving two-shyts about you, or your buyer. Learn how to make the pie bigger for everyone involved, all while making bigger profits, and more deals, and having the reputation of being super generous, and completely committed to being a giver that gets results!

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Episode #286 Resolutions Are For Losers, Unless You Answer These Questions Correctly!

Freedom, especially of money and time, is mostly about having the money and time to solve the problems you might have, and we all have a list of those! Or, have problems you want to solve (like world hunger). So how do you actually upgrade your thinking, so you get a promotion in freedom, which leads to a dramatic increase in your earning capacity? I don’t think I have ever met a human being that doesn’t want more flexible time and income to support it. The sole purpose of this isolated time during this podcast, we intend to get you to step three feet outside of your life, and take a good look at what is really going on, and how you might consider making some changes to gain positive and desired results that will ultimately make you really happy. All you need to do is observe, ask the right questions, then develop a new process to move your future to wishful places, especially using creative real estate transactions. These challenges we ask you to do to at today will not be easy, but if done as we suggest WILL change your future so much that your future you is going to LOVE the past you!

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Episode #285 Never Revealed Before: Shocking & Exciting Truth About Creative Real Estate Procrastination!

The sad truth is that most people spend a majority, if not the entirety, of their lives putting off things that matter most, even more important, in real estate, procrastination will ruin your life and limit your potential, only because procrastination stops you from achieving goals. You miss the continuous uptick in confidence that comes from making progress. And, as we will talk about in this podcast … confidence is a belief in your ability, which results in using your imagination, so you can conceptualize and achieve your goals. So procrastination is like a wooden stake in the vampire’s heart when it comes to imagining, and working on your future. It makes the future YOU upset with the past YOU. Then you just stop believing, and other than your mom, who will believe in you, more than you? Your future is your prosperity. And how you deal with today has a lot to do with your ability to have freedom later. So today I want to talk about the shocking and exciting truth about procrastination, along with applying it to your creative real estate success, so you can buy your life back!

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Episode #284 How To Make More Than Your Doctor In The Next 12-Months, Or Less With Creative Real Estate!

TRUTH is … You have to make time and money investments to increase freedom. But, what exactly do you spend your hard-earned dough, and precious time on, so you are guaranteed this freedom? Even if you committed to doing things better, and smarter, not solely working harder; what is smarter or better for heightening results? How do you free-up your life, so it is not caged-in like a wild animal? More to the point … how do you prevent fatigue ending with waist, no gain, and failed purposes? What tasks can you engage in that your future will thank you for? By listening to this single podcast, you can start to see in your own minds visions, clear distinct, perfectly held ideas that develop new successful actions that most definitely supply you with WAY more time, and WAY more than what your Doctor makes while doing Creative Real Estate deals. Pro, or novice will shatter old, not usable beliefs, and soon have a clear path to flourishing and prospering. Now let me put my money where my mouth is …

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Episode #283 Lazy Creative Real Estate Skills Gets More Deals Guaranteed Every Time!

LAZY: Unwilling to work, or use energy. This perfectly describes my attitude toward my creative real estate deals these days. And, you know what I noticed … I am doing more deals, and, I have tripled my income since I started this frame of mind, and not working so hard. In this quirky podcast, we plan to reveal why creative real estate investors work so hard, and get less results. Not only that, but I decided to STOP trying to second guess my Seller’s intention, over-think the deals, and even legally get these Sellers to give me their acceptable offers without them even knowing it! In fact, it is working so good, I figured I should share this sitting under an oak tree, smoking a cigar while making more money type of activity with you today. But … beware, it’s not for everyone, more to the point, even dangerous for some. Which is why I deliberated even telling all my podcast listeners about it. So, no support tickets at fliipinghousesforrookies.com with a noose around your neck crying for help. Let’s jump in …

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Episode #282 Real Expectations A Creative Real Estate Rookie Should Have To Be Totally FREE!

How to think! Truth is … no one is really any smarter than everyone else. Here is why … when you actually calculate each creative real estate Rookie’s necessity level, or reason why, and passion behind the need to have real estate income … you will soon see the differences in success and failure! When you add the element of financial, emotion, and logic behind how & why you think, results vary as much as climates do in different parts of the world. If a Rookie has “protection” or a “plan-b” when things go wrong, it is a massive factor of success, and it’s length of runway to get there. And when your neck is on the line (without a backup plan), you soon learn how to think, and get fast results. In this podcast you’ll be shocked at how easy it is to locate money in real estate, and how to get it, so you don’t need to wonder another minute how many ways there are to raise your income. And, this is a completely different talk from all the other 281 podcasts here at Flipping Houses For Rookies. In fact, it works for any type of business. Just faster with real estate. So let’s reveal it now …

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Episode #281: Creative Real Estate Deal Structure Math 1 + 1 + 10

One of the sad truths of our time – and profession – is that our Seller’s DO NOT always believe the truth when we tell them. Which means any good creative real estate entrepreneur has to have a believability reflex along with Seller interest to get sizable amounts of deals! In mathematics, one plus one equals two – never more! But if you do as we talk about in this special podcast, you can soon learn how we add certain types of emotion to our deals so they 10X the impact of our offers. And 10X the chances of the Seller saying “YES” to our very generous offers. What you are about to hear on this podcast is extremely unique to what about 99% of all real estate people don’t do! And, if you employ this stuff right away, you will soon notice deals falling into your lap. How to win friends and loyalty from your actions. How to stop Seller’s from saying “NO.” How to present your ideas to Seller’s, so you get automatic acceptance. And most important … how to handle objections, and Seller rebuttals. In fact, at the end of the day: “How To Make Anybody Like You!” Plus, if you don’t think this podcast information isn’t exceptional, I will stop the rolly coaster, and you can get off the ride now!

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Episode #278 Never Revealed Before Today – Savvy Creative Real Estate Deal Structuring!

Even though I rant on, and on, and on about finding “motivated-sellers” all the time. Plus preach, if you talk to enough new sellers, sooner or later you will find a seller that doesn’t say “NO” to anything you want to do! The deal will eventually elevate to having some sort of deal structuring, and having spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours doing seminars and teaching how I do this, today is different … in this podcast I am going to strip down exactly what is going threw my mind while looking at a deal, and trying to structure it so everyone involved wins! And, believe it or not, one of my coaching students brought it to light. So I decided to do this podcast on the simple way that I look at deals, and spit out offers like Henry Ford’s assembly line back in the day. In fact, if this one podcast doesn’t hit you in the forehead like a slug hammer, I may have to give up my teaching career. Only because I don’t believe I can make it any simpler for you. So let’s dig in …

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