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Flipping Houses for Rookies is a podcast that focuses on all the important factors that you need to do to flip houses and get into the real estate investing business! You can listen to all of the podcasts below or to the right. You can also find them on iTunes (button to the right to subscribe!), Google Play, or any of the major podcasting services!

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Episode #321: Creative Real Estate Meets Probate Deals!

Until today, you might have considered probate a very lucrative business. But a strategy that needs capital, or available cash only because probate courts most often just want money now so they can actually close the estate. Maybe you have some misconceptions, or confusions about how probate works, and just don’t pursue it because of that. Realize, most people often have an opinion about something they don’t know anything about. Which is why you should listen today, and perhaps clear-up the basics on how to find these deals (the way no one else does). Plus, how to finance them, then how to sell them often without rehabbing them, so you can make Money Now, Money Monthly, and Money Later, while not being a landlord, or anything like it. By listening to this 60-minute podcast … you will soon see probate properties are usually discounted type sales, but when probate meets creative you will soon see buying at these discounts, and selling over market value is a millionaire secret most won’t put over airwaves like this one …

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Episode #320 Do You Dare To Be Rich With Creative Real Estate Deals – Are You Doing This …

All too often, we convince ourselves that massive success requires massive action. Whether it is losing weight, building a business, or just looking for a good Creative Real Estate transaction! We put too much pressure on ourselves to make some earth-shattering improvement that everyone will notice, and talk about. Or, make you feel fulfilled, even happy. But … what if I told you this attitude is like shooting yourself in the foot, and causing you to bleed to death when it comes to Creative Real Estate? Here is another thought … what if you could make a simple “mind-set” change? Think about it, it is possible you could be rich from Creative Real Estate in a year from now! Then, get a load of this … in the next 60-minutes, I plan to guide you through some simple exercises that could walk you from pits to the ritz. Now, naturally, you need to do the work. But what if the work became a whole lot simpler, easier, and way more fun? Think that would be different? And that’s just for starters, knowing this stuff is what made me buy millions of dollars of real estate recently. And now, I am going to share it with you!

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Episode #319 A Surprising & Obvious New Discovery On What Keeps Rookies Poor In Creative Real Estate

A STRANGE STORY: A lobster when left high and dry among the rocks has not the instinct, nor energy, to work his way back to the sea. But waits for the sea to come to him. He remains where he is, and dies, even though the slightest effort would enable him to reach the sea waves, and bring him back to life, which perhaps is mostly only feet away from life or death. I tell this story today because I feel too many Rookies are like this lobster, and waiting for the deal to come to them. Or, perhaps only a foot or two away from having real success. In this simple podcast, we are going to talk about what most Rookies do instinctively to KILL themselves, and how to prevent it. Even turn things around, so it all works, and freedom increases. The world of Rookie Lobsters getting killed on the rocks, ends today! I plan to get each one back to the amazing sea of life where each can flourish and prosper as much or as little as they want to in the next 60-minutes.

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Episode #318 Don’t Reinvent The wheel Great Creative Real Estate Deals Leave Highly Profitable Clues!

Most don’t know this in real estate, but your job is not to buy houses, or even concentrate on real estate. Your job is to know your Seller so well that you understand their situation they are in right now, where they’d like to be, and exactly how your solutions can and will get them to their ideal scene. The less you are immersed in the mindset of your Seller, the less Creative Real Estate deals you will do. So, how do you become a Real Estate Profiler? Where you would use a specific kind of methodology to get inside the heads of your Seller. So you know exactly what they’re thinking, what deal they want to do, and what to say for them to move forward. Think of this like how certain law enforcement agencies “profile” and get inside the heads, and psychology of serial killers, terrorists, and other criminal master minds. And I figured if it works for getting to know bad guys, why not use this talent to quickly understand Seller’s without getting a 6-year Pysc major. After listening to this podcast today, our hopes are you will quickly be able to evaluate and profile your Seller’s needs & wants!

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Episode #317 Three Word Formulas Every Creative Real Estate Investor Needs Today.

In today’s dog-eat-dog Creative Real Estate game, it is critical to know every problem, question, roadblock, and result your seller is encountering during the process. Because if you don’t understand them, you won’t be able to use these formulas that could make you a millionaire, possibly in the next twelve months. Which, by the way, could be one of the most historical times to do Creative real estate. The word formulas we are about to divulge in today’s podcast will be the best and simplest strategy you will ever encounter in real estate. Here is why … if you have not listened to this podcast, you will not know them. Which means if you do listen you will know them, and be the only one you know with these secret weapons, and closing way more deals! In other words: they work. And I only know this because I have personally seen them put sellers through the mental process that sets them up to do business with you, and only you. If you are looking to ignite a fire with sellers to use your Creative Real Estate methods, this episode is absolutely perfect for you!

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Episode #316Is there an actual formula you can use when talking to sellers? Or, should you casually speak to seller’s, so you don’t sound like you are reading a script, and coming off spamy? What if we could teach you the middle ground on today’s podcast?

Is there an actual formula you can use when talking to sellers? Or, should you casually speak to seller’s, so you don’t sound like you are reading a script, and coming off spamy? What if we could teach you the middle ground on today’s podcast? Think that could increase your wealth, and reduce your time, or effort? This is NOT a podcast about scripts either, or about logical things you say to sellers (and think work). NO! I am talking about some basic under-lying rules you need, so the seller wants to keep communicating to you, and feel like you can really help them. There are no books, courses, seminars, or videos to get about today’s topic. It is “raw” experience I have gained by talking to thousands of sellers, and coaching clients, so this episode could be considered “RARE!” Which is why I expect it to be simple, memorable, inviting, and fun to use when talking about creative real estate to sellers. Yet, put you light years ahead of 99% of all real estate investors!

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Episode #315 Comprehensive Look At Self-Directed IRA’s To Purchase Profitable Real Estate Deals

Self-directed IRA’s aren’t the easiest thing to understand, but once you’ve taken the time to go over some of the common questions that most don’t know, you’ll be able to use this amazing tool to purchase more real estate, and drive more profit into your bank account from these amazing, yet easy to do deals. On this single podcast, we have a professional certified IRA custodian and specialist that will help us clear up and answer the exact questions we need answers to, so we can become a PRO at using this retirement capital to start funding our deals. Your financial future can be unlocked with this one strategy that most don’t know, or use when buying real estate deals. With self-directed IRA’s you are able to fund tangible assets like raw land, single family houses, multi-family properties, commercial deals, mobile homes, and any other kind of real estate. Get ahead of the real estate game by having at your finger-tips more money than you will ever need to buy and profit from real estate!

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Episode #314 System Secrets That Every Rookie Needs Before Making Offers On Creative Real Estate!

Human Nature … How do we make decisions for business, or just in everyday life? Most want to look smart, make more for less, and know the decision is the best they can do. And if this feeling of confidence is not there, we start to think we are not making the right decision and our instinct tells us to take less action, go do some research, wait a little bit, or even worse … “NO!” And because we are in the real estate business, we are often dealing with the largest asset most folks have, which elevates the pressure on the decision by 10 to 100 fold. Your job therefore is to understand and acknowledge the reality of human nature, along with the needs & wants of sellers. But how do you get the truth about how someone feels about your Creative Real Estate offers without faking you out, misleading you, or even canceling you from their life. In this podcast, we are going to show you our system secrets on making offers, so you can short-cut your income by knowing exactly what your seller wants, then giving it to them profitably. When you are done with us today, you will make ’em offers they can’t refuse!

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Episode #113 Creative Real Estate System Secrets For FAST Rookie Gargantuan Profits!

You are probably listening to this podcast today because you are either unhappy with your current income source, or disappointed in the lack of real estate profits you now receive. Today’s podcast could be the single most important secret you could ever learn about creative real estate profits. And if you listen and think you already know it, with lower income than you desire … well, all I can say is the first barrier to learning is thinking you already know it, so if that is you don’t listen today! THIS IS NOT FOR YOU! This one obvious secret system is the root of all success for gargantuan profits on Creative Real Estate to date. Grasping it without thinking you already know it is the single difference between success and failure. How do I know this? Even we lose sight of what we are about to cover, and watch my profits go down, and struggle. So if you want to get out of your “RUT,” and be ready for one of the best markets to hit our country, this one episode is a must!

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Episode #312 Are You Losing Deals In Creative Real Estate Because You Are Not Using The Valuable #3 Correctly?

The magic number three. Three little pigs. Three wise men. Goldilocks ang her three bowls of porridge. Three branches of the United States government: Legislative, Executive, and Judicial. Today we are going to talk about the reason for this, and, why you will fail if you don’t play along with these universe natural, and basic laws. The Greek philosopher Pythagoras believed the number three was considered the perfect number. The number of harmony, wisdom, and understanding. It is also the number for time: Past, present, and future. Life itself: Birth, growth, and death. In this philosophical podcast, you will soon see how your creative real estate career could change with a slight view-point shift by using the rules of three. Stick with us on this strange creative real estate episode, and you will soon be linked to hope and optimism, with a look at a brighter future and wisdom you may just need in today’s very chaotic arena. Let the power of three be with you!

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