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Welcome to Flipping Houses for Rookies!

Flipping Houses for Rookies is a podcast that focuses on all the important factors that you need to do to flip houses and get into the real estate investing business! You can listen to all of the podcasts below or to the right. You can also find them on iTunes (button to the right to subscribe!), Google Play, or any of the major podcasting services!

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Episode #170 10-Reasons To Walk Away From Deals Before You Get Screwed …

WARNING: This podcast is not for the light hearted or thin skinned investor who has purple colored glasses on. Why you may ask? Most investors fail at the most important task in the business. Yet no one talks about it or even attempts to explain it. They plunge into deals without this one reality and understanding of what is actually happening (especially behind the scenes where it is al hidden). If you are doing deals (or trying to do deals) with this one major blindfold on … well, quite frankly, you aren’t going to make any traction or enough traction to make a difference. In this one episode, you will discover the hidden secrets that you can’t see, and often feel, but didn’t know what it was. Especially if you are taking the seminar presented from the hard knocks university. This podcast is mostly for the faint who aren’t spending money to educate themselves. It will be a true eye-popper.

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Episode #169 The Insider’s Secrets On How We Do “Subject To” Deal Structuring

Once you give yourself permission to have this powerful, yet misunderstood way of acquiring property … you will soon realize this perceived unpopular strategy will perform miracles for your financial future! In this podcast, I expect to help you shake off any confusions and distractions so that you can shed all of your doubts and bad advice on taking over a deed while leaving the loan in your sellers name As in any industry, here are certain strategies involved with buying and selling that lead to the most beneficial outcomes. However, before you can apply these ‘tricks-of-the-trade” you have to be confident in your own mind how they work. For that reason, along with this strategy being the most hidden in America (which we will explain), we are going to unfold it right in front of your eyes so you can have perfect 20/20 vision on it and start using this amazing knowledge tomorrow!

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Episode #168 Irrefutable Priceless Information On Owning Apartment Buildings From Guest Speaker Maureen Miles

Ever wonder why you should buy apartment buildings, or if you can? In this podcast we are going to show you how o put our little formula of making money no, making money monthly, and making money later on steroids! And to even top that off… how to totally leverage your time, real estate activity, and how to pick the right markets to inflate your personal profits in real estate investing. Plus we will break the myth of you having to flip a bunch of single family houses to get up to buying apartment buildings. If done correctly, there is a massive pool of money waiting to be invested in what these lenders consider safer, less volatile place to put huge loans with lower risk. Lastly, we will cover how you will not be a management company getting calls at 2am about clogged toilets, but instead have a business that produces everything you want.

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Episode #167 Losers Are Wealthy With Excuses

No excuses. Few people are attracted to whiners, complainers, excuse-makers, or wimps. Hanging out with victim’s is not appealing to most reasonable people. Know this: “An abundance of excuses guarantees a lack of money”. Too often I hear most people speak lack, poverty, inadequacy, doubt, fear, and the worst of them all … skepticism! So many new (and some not so new) investors wonder way too much about the money, you need to be careful about the vocabulary you use because every word or thought, spoken, or written, if inner-directed, constitutes programming for your surroundings, and instructs the world around you what you are willing to accept and have, They then rationalize how come things are the way they are. Often subconscious, and don’t even know it. In this podcast, we plan to challenge you from this point forward to move away from the “self-destruct” stage and lean to flourish and prosper with infinite real estate profits that are right at your finger tips!

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Episode #166 20 Ways To Buy Real Estate Without Money Down

Anyone, including you, can profit from turning houses into cash these days. If armed with the correct knowledge and a little bit of action you can turn your financial scene around quickly, often in weeks, not years. You don’t have to wait is the point. Funny thing is one of the very few lessons taught to us about money in school is “you need money to make money!” If you think the only place to get money in from the bank, well you have fallen into the trap of the rich wanting you to think that so they can get richer off the interest and fees they create out of thin air. More to the point … I think you have a better advantage if you don’t get stuck in their web of lies and deception. Some of the best investors I have trained were flat broke and had a credit score that you would think is similar to the temperature you would cook a roast on Sunday afternoon (350). Those with money tend to leap before they learn. In this podcast, we are going to open your eyes up to the multitude of ways you can get houses turned into income without money!

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Episode #165 Finding Hot Real Estate Deals On A Shoestring Budget

To be successful in real estate investing (or any other business) you need revenue. And you won’t make a dime in any business until you find a customer who wants what you are offering. In real estate investing we need to find motivated sellers, then find motivated buyers to make out fortunes. Unfortunately, motivated sellers and buyers are not standing on street corners with big signs over their heads telling you where they are. So we need marketing to bring these customers to our front door by the bus load. Now we have all these suspects pitching us so we can uncover the few prospects that you need each month to have a thriving real estate business. So you will need to find these motivated sellers because they are the lifeblood of your success. And in this podcast I wanted to show you how to get this stream of sellers to your front door on a shoestring budget.

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Episode #164 An Exclusive Look Into How You Can Do Real Estate Deals This Week Without Any Experience

Whenever you are in your financial life right now, you have the power to change your future. This is not meant to psych you up and fill you with enthusiasm only to be left with bad results in a few days or weeks. As of this podcast you can never say you don’t have a vehicle to take you to your dream life. Today, we are going to layout some very hard to find proven and tested secrets that have taken us over 15-years to figure out. This little ‘mini-program’ has the exact details and steps you can use to do real estate deals this week without any experience, money, or mentoring. You may ask … why would we do this? Because we know you will get ‘bitten by the real estate bug’ and hopefully come back to us when looking to learn more while advancing your career in this wonderful industry. Now let’s get going on this journey where we expect success now …

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Episode #163 My List Of 10 Deadly Sins In Real Estate Investing

Some of the best investors I know have been avoiding the 10 deadly sins while making their real estate endeavors almost divinely profitable. In my 12-years of coaching some very successful real estate entrepreneurs it has taught me this shocking truth: most real estate investors put limits on the amount of business that there sellers want to do with them because of the investor’s own ideas and thoughts. It doesn’t happen by design, of course, but it might as well because the end results from operating this way is a bit devastating. Countless numbers of closings could be make and not made. Countless number of sellers denied the opportunity to receive the full satisfying service we have for these sellers. And I don’t want you to miss a single opportunity to draw closer to these sellers and so business with then because you aren’t ready and not trying to stop yourself any longer! Let’s take a look at me 10 deadly sins in real estate investing …

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Episode #162 The Creature From Jekyll Island!

Where does money come from? Where does it go? Who makes it? In today’s podcast we are going to introduce you to Edward Griffin who wrote the book ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island – A Second Look At The Federal Reserve’. The book is about 600 pages, but today Edward is going to explain it all in a lecture he did for a group of interested listeners. Edward will help reveal the money magician’s secrets, and provide a close look at their mirrors and smoke machine, the pulleys, cogs, and wheels that create the grand illusion called money. And if you think this is a boring subject, just wait. You will be fascinated within 5 minutes. Actually, it sounds like a detective story. Once you hear what Edward says, you will soon realize why banks act the way they do when trying to buy foreclosure properties and truly unveil some long held secrets that are definitely holding most of us down with regard to success!

The Creature From Jekyll Island Book:
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Episode #161 How To Negotiate Real Estate Logically!

Why don’t we learn to negotiate in school? And why do os many people think negotiating is intimidating? When the real truth is: you don’t get what you deserve in life, but instead you get what you can negotiate! The real reason we are not taught to negotiate in western world schools is because our universities are designed to create subordinate compliant workers for the industrial factories and military. Leaving the good ole USA as the home of some of the worst negotiators in history because our population is conditioned and trained to be socially polite and compliant. But in truth… as humans, in reality, negotiation is in our nature. Think about the baby who cries for milk, and mom gives it to him. Negotiation! Go to Walmart or buy groceries, do you negotiate? No, why? Because it is not part of our culture. And in real estate it’s a backbone. But this podcast we are going to show you how you can use what you have already been taught in school, and gt that you want with logical negotiating. 

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