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Flipping Houses for Rookies is a podcast that focuses on all the important factors that you need to do to flip houses and get into the real estate investing business! You can listen to all of the podcasts below or to the right. You can also find them on iTunes (button to the right to subscribe!), Google Play, or any of the major podcasting services!

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Episode #407 11 – Distinct Qualities You Need For Creative Real Estate Lucrative Deals

The market is hot, competition’s fears, and you’re ready to level up, or step up your real estate game. But how do you snag those insanely profitable deals that leave everyone else scratching their heads? It is time to forget the same-old, same-old. How about if you actually unleash your inner real estate ninja with these bad-ass qualities we are about to share with you. Let’s face it … what used to work isn’t working lately. And most are spinning their wheels and getting less and less results. But wait, there are some very old-fashioned secrets you can use in today’s economy that will allow you to crush it, and leave your competition scratching their heads. Buckle up, we are about to Fast Track you with our deal making mastery in this one episode. Like a bloodhound, you will sniff out everything you need to get into this secret society that makes creative real estate deals on a regular basis. So, if you are ready to be a deal magnet, listen up …

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Episode #406 When I Was A Creative Real Estate Rookie!

Secrets Revealed Webby: https://bit.ly/thesysteminabox

Everyone has to start somewhere. And I was not always a creative real estate renegade. In fact, I made more mistakes than I can count. And today I want to tell you some of these mistakes so you can learn from them like I have. Forget the get rich quick routine and nonsense. Let’s talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly when first getting started. I have found others get so much reality from my  slightly embarrassing stories. Which is why most folks in my shoes don’t tell these stories in public. But if you are like me, these hard learn lessons can turn you into a deal – machine fueled with real-world Grit. You will also learn as I went through time, did a 100 deals, then 200 deals, 300 etc. it used to be very complex and difficult, but soon turned into finding the simplicities, so I had less to think about or worry about. as long as I stuck to the basics, money kept coming in. This is not going to be your typical podcast. This is just my story that I hope will help some light bulbs go off in your  own mind as I tell them. Take the time to listen now so you can glean the most revealing simplicities in Creative Real Estate.


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Retire Early With These Creative Real Estate Deal Strategies!


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Episode #405 Expert Secrets On Talking To Sellers Comfortably!

When you call a seller to talk about a purchase, what do you say right away to get the attention of the seller so they will want more information. Today we will unlock the secrets of engaging property sellers with ease and confidence. After all, one conversation could be your next big deal and if that is not happening, what is wrong? Find out today what top experts do on the phone to get those big deals, so you can compare it to what you are doing, or not. Imagine mastering the art of talking to sellers to make your next big real estate transaction. Learn how to hook seller interest and close deals with finesse. You will soon realize this isn’t about manipulation. It’s actually asking the art of comfortable communication that feels right for both sides, and when done as we explain today the seller will always feel like you’re on their side even though you are steering the deal that works best for you, your buyer, and the seller. Reshape your approach to talking to the sellers and you will shed the uncomfortableness and start making way more deals let’s get started now …

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Episode #404 How To Properly Predict Creative Real Estate And You Easily!

Are you trying to harness Creative Real Estate skills and worry about how it will end up? Imagine if you could channel your future self to get everything you wanted – guarantee! What would that do for your financial success, and freedom? Believe it or not, there is an exact easy science that can turn your predictions into profits. What secrets does your future Creative Real Estate hold for you? Join us as we explore this simple idea and formula to unlock tomorrow’s wealth and independence. Imagine what you could do if you had a secret Edge on life? Like some of the most successful people you know, have and use. Done correctly, it is almost like having a crystal ball or a genie in the bottle giving you whatever you please. So if you are curious about the tools that could elevate your real estate or any game, this episode is a must listen. And if you actually do it, will change your life forever regardless of your current state of affairs. Your journey to mastering a successful Creative Real Estate future starts here. just hit play now..

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Episode #403 Expert Secrets Every Creator Real Estate Rookie Should Know!

Tired of losing out to cash offers with today’s sellers? Wondering what to do? Even possibly thinking of giving up? This episode is your secret weapon! We need to ditch the old playbook, and dive into today’s new way of talking to sellers, making offers and closing deals. These all cash sellers, who discard today’s reality, own and control your destiny. There is such a thing as “Motivated Seller Magic,” and today we are going to discuss when the seller already has it, or if you need to create it, or not? Plus we will reveal your deal making dojo! And it is super easy to do, if you listen up today. So if you are ready to ditch the traditional mold in your offers, and rewrite a new destiny that before you only dreamed of. Learn to unlock hidden gems that are not normally discussed in public. Let us show you how to make offers so irresistible that sellers will feel stupid saying no to them. And soon you too will start picking up property left and right. Today we are going to revolutionize your financial future! Are you ready?

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Episode #402 Subject To: The Legal Heist Causing Creative Real Estate Rookies To Retire Early!

Buckle up rookies, because we’re about to blow the lid off the hottest real estate strategy that’s turning average people into overnight millionaires. It’s called subject to (I’ll explain why in this episode). If you are slaving away at a soul-sucking 9:00 to 5:00, you are going to want to join this new breed of real estate Rebels using today’s explained “loop – holes” to snatch up property left and right, without hefty down payments or expensive ways to find these deals. Imagine, after today, you could actually start building an easy portfolio that will get you retired years or decades ahead of schedule. Today we will not be pulling any punches and revealing stuff like: how to legally snatch houses without risk of going to jail or losing your life savings. How to easily explain sub 2 deals to sellers so they “go with it.” Bulletproof paperwork that make these deals ironclad. Even from the banks “do – on – sale” clause. So stop spinning your wheels in today’s rat race, and take control of your financial destiny, which is why you can’t afford to miss this episode. So tune in now, and let’s start that Financial freedom …

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Episode #401 Retire Early With These Creative Real Estate Deal Strategies!

Imagine retiring years or decades ahead of time, living the life you’ve always dreamed about. Seems too good to be true, right? But what if you found out all you have to do is the exact right moves In Creative Real estate, and retiring early isn’t just a possibility, it’s a reality not as hard to do as most think. In this single podcast episode you will reveal this hidden blueprint that only those who have completed it know! No, I’m not saying it’s a walk in the park. It does take grit, a dash of moxie, and a tested and proven playbook. Most believe, and think that Creative Real Estate is all about being creative, not even close to being true, especially in today’s fast growing world of technology. Today, it is more about the tools than the knowledge. It is not about thinking outside of the box anymore. It comes down to the perfect strategy, and the ideal tools to do the heavy lifting work. Now-a-days you don’t need seminars, days of home study, and months and months of practice to do creative real estate deals. You just need today’s revealed secrets!

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Episode #397 How Do You Know What Creative Real Estate Strategy To Use With The Seller?

Are you sick and tired of having a blindfold on and walking around in the dark when talking to a real estate seller? You are not alone. Most Real Estate Investors are stuck in a rut, throwing out generic offers that leave sellers yawning and moving on to the next “interested buyer.” But what if you could understand how to craft offers so compelling, so irresistible that sellers do a double take and often beg you to take the property? Uncover our successful formula to give the perfect offer every time. Go beyond the highest price gain that leaves everyone feeling like a winner because your offers stands out from the crowd of boring, predictable proposals. I’m talking about structured deals that are win-win scenarios, and solutions nobody else is even considering. Whether you’re a seasoned investor with a portfolio full of properties or a complete rookie starting out, this episode is packed with actionable insights and battle tested strategies that will transform your real estate game and explore your odds of landing the real estate deal you deserve. Tune in now, take notes, and prepare to increase your real estate wealth …

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Episode #396 Do You Think You Can’t Do Creative Real Estate Easily?

Are you one of those people that secretly believe that you are not cut out to do creative real estate deals? Maybe you have convinced yourself that you are not good at math or understanding the core deal structures, and consistently get lost when trying to structure a deal? Or you may have convinced yourself that you are not the “salesperson” type. Heck, maybe you are just afraid of the “cold calling” aspect of talking to complete strangers, and now you just say: “I am an introvert, and I am not like those extroverts.” Knowing that all of this has your Creative Real Estate financial future stuck in neutral. Yet here you are right now, still trying! How about we talk about a specific framework just for you, so you can do just one deal, and creep out of all these things you tell yourself about ‘you’. Like a personal game plan just for introverts that really want to do deals. Allowing you to get control of these monsters, and actually stop missing out on Creative Real Estate wealth. I am talking about unlocking ‘you’ so there are no more traps! Let’s started …

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Episode #395 Extraordinary Ways To Use Private Money And Creative Real Estate Deals!

Alright, listen up all my rookies. I know we have been talking a lot about doing Creative Real Estate deals using the money the seller already has in the property. But what happens if you got a Golden Goose landed in your lap, a deal so good it makes the Mona Lisa look like a coloring drawing book. I am talking about a field of diamonds. But our Creative Real Estate strategies won’t work … you need all cash! Well, today we are going to take this deal and spin it on its head, and show you how to make a fortune off of it by using a Real Deal to explain it all, so this is not Theory day. This is actionable intel, by the end of this episode, you will have the roadmap. Are you ready to unleash the power of private money into your creative real estate mind-set? We know knowledge is power. But action separates the dreamers who are poor, and the rich that get results. This is your chance, listen all the way to the end and use this wisdom as your secret weapon!

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