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Welcome to Flipping Houses for Rookies!

Flipping Houses for Rookies is a podcast that focuses on all the important factors that you need to do to flip houses and get into the real estate investing business! You can listen to all of the podcasts below or to the right. You can also find them on iTunes (button to the right to subscribe!), Google Play, or any of the major podcasting services!

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Episode #188 Why Nomad Real Estate Investors Mysteriously Do Cartwheels Instead Of Deals!

First, what is a real state investor nomad? It is a very specific thing! Let me explain … He or she travels from place to place to find fresh pasture or someone that does not stay long in the same place. A wonderer. They are always searching, yet when they find it, won’t recognize its wealth, help, or how it can come to fruition. And from someone who understands and is doing real estate see these real estate nomads are much like someone doing cartwheels in a three ring circus going from ring to ring and not really adding value to the who, just creating wonder to the crown on what they are doing? I know this sounds a bit harsh, but it’s not their fault. The real name of this podcast was going to be “I Plan To Impeach All The Real Estate Gurus Without Successful Students.” In this podcast we are going to cover why almost every investor has such a hard time learning how to do deals easily and i’s nothing we have ever covered before. It’s a breakthrough and new …

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Episode #187 Historically + Genuinely The Greatest Weakness In Investors + How To Effortlessly Spot It

When most real estate investors start out, each inevitably goes through being nervous, or completely terrorize themselves into anxiety oblivion about talking to sellers. Not to mention giving the seller a number much less than the seller is asking. Too often the investor goes into defensive thinking about what the seller would say before before the investor asks the questions. This obsession about the “answer panic” will often paralyze the investor so much he or she will go into total “research mode” and try to study and study and study all of the “correct” defensive thinking and behavior the seller will throw back once the investor throws a question or offer out there. This fear of being noticeably nervous is the exact weakness every investor is trying to avoid and eliminate so things so smooth! In this podcast we are going to help  you overcome your fear of talking to sellers. Plus give you exact formulas that will turn your panic buttons off like a kill switch on your riding lawn mower.

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Episode #186 Real Estate Due Diligence – When and How …

If you are anything like me when I first started … You will look at real estate deals while having that little devil sitting on your shoulder asking “How much could this set me back?” And if I’ve been saving for a rainy day, should I use this money I worked so hard to save on this deal? Also, “If it doesn’t work, can I afford the installments?” I know if I was to make it big, I needed an attitude life: “Money is no object”. Like the guys with deep pockets, but I wasn’t that guy (with deep pockets). So it left me with the dilemma of what are the right decisions. I knew real estate had huge returns, but I also knew it could turn the wrong way and cost me everything plus more if I was not careful. If your intentions are to increase your income or wealth using real estate without jeopardizing your and your family’s needs, this podcast is a perfect way to spend the next 60 minutes. Once you hear how safe my due-diligence process is you too will get out there and start kicking the dust around in the real estate arena!

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Episode #185 New Remarkable + Breakthrough Ways To Turn Real Estate Investing Time Into Profits!

If you are struggling with finding time to do real estate investing and need to drive a stake through the hearts of the time vampires stopping you from getting results, this very unusual and breakthrough podcast is going to be perfect for you! Turning real estate into profits is a very sought after activity for many. But so few make it. Why? It’s a question I have been exploring a lot lately, to only find out many have too much noise in their lives that suck up time and energy they should be using to get ahead in life. Tick … Tick … Tick … There goes your dreams right down the drain! Even if you are strong enough to keep these needy, thirsty, time vampire from feeding on you and can carve out the time to do real estate, what so you do when what’s important to do and what’s not important. What activity could give you the best return on investment – or profits quickly? This era-popping episode will not only revive the dead – but launch you into real estate profits like a ball out of a cannon!

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Episode #84 Unique Strategies For Real Estate Investors Who Want Gargantuan Profits Effortlessly!

So many real estate investors have burning questions on how to turn real estate into income to only find themselves sorting through die-in-the-sky theories, listicles with a lack of definitions that make it impossible to find the proven solutions you desire only to have this research producing materials that seem to have captured lightening in a bottle, or not so common results. In other words … it’s not as easy as the ‘pitchman’ made it sound. In the end no one tells you the precise work you need to of to get the exact results you expected, allowing you to under estimate the amount of effort it will take to pull off the tasks you yearn for. What are the paths to the highest levels of efficiency for gargantuan profits for real estate effortlessly? If you don’t do what we will cover in this podcast, your investing career will feel like an overworked, over financed hobby with insignificant and disappointing profits no matter what you do. Stop being overly tired with these low income tragedies and let the profits rain down on you while working less!

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Episode #183 Ending The Cruel Crisis On Counterfeit Real Estate Investors!

If you are like most real estate investors, you started down the path of investing so you could be your own boss, make the money you deserve, and live life on your own terms. But instead you got bogged down in the daily grind of figuring things out. or the minutia you didn’t know was in this industry until you got going, which means you have probably spent truck loads of time, hard earned cash and can’t turn back, only to constantly get disappointed, searching for an endless steam of questions and continually hunting for cash! Even more, important … you aren’t making any or enough offers so you can have the right opportunities to get those big checks others flaunt out of your reach. Well, in this very unique podcast I am going to go over stiff you have never, never, never heard before. And if applies as I explain will get you our of the mud and soaring like an eagle, but I have a warning – you will need paper and pencil so you can take notes on this one!

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Episode #182 Irrevocable New Years Goals Are For Losers!

Sound controversial? Hear me out. As a human you likely have certain tendencies. Chances are you have habits and habits are hard to break and can be stressful. Plus habits die hard. And in most cases, it is unavoidable to go against your natural human behaviors. Logically you could be telling yourself “enough is enough” We all do it. But emotionally you are human and like what you like, right? So when we make our goals they are usually following logic. But we soon find out that this system isn’t designed for humans because most of us aren’t wired this way. It’s like you imagining you can fly if you simply flapped your arms and the you get encouraged to jump off the nearest cliff. That’s right, just flap your arms and you will not only survive… but soar? If your goals don’t have a specific environment and designed for us humans, it’s like asking you to flap your arms harder and harder until you take off. This podcast is for humans who want real estate investing planning to be easy and workable. No flapping your arms or jumping off cliffs …

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Episode #181 How To Beat The “Bad News Blues” In Real Estate!

Getting bad news with your real estate deals can be dangerous to your career. But you can beat the “bad news blues” by following these tips outlined in this exclusive podcast. Much of your deals will fall upon the ears of not so motivated sellers that quite frankly can be rude, obnoxious, and down right threatening to your dreams and ego! And once this stress starts its like a huge of cards for most investors which results in changing successful actions that once brought confidence and affluence in the investors surroundings now leaves the investor feeling helplessness and often hopelessness that the deals we talk about on this podcast ( and so many others talk about) can’t be done! But if you have the right antidote for these seemingly ailments, you will soon welcome these “no’s” and ridicule because you will know how to turn them into profitable deals most investors haven’t learned to do. In this episode, we plan to cure this unnecessary disease in every investor!

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Episode #180 What Most Real Estate Investors Are Guilty Of And Why They Get The Death Sentence Every Time They Do It!

You may ask … ‘Who are the jurors convicting the average real estate investor to death?’ The simple answer: the seller with his/her name on the deed that never gets passed to the investor so the investor’s job can be performed with a big paycheck! And the really ironic part of this phenomenon is the investor thinks he is doing nothing wrong. And in most cases believes he are doing what is correct to create those big checks. Yet they don’t ever come, or they don’t come often enough? And the really crazy part is this investor thinks he just needs a shiny are gun or better hunting equipment to find his target. This one ‘down-side’ of investing is not talked about with the students, but only amongst the teachers. Why? The teachers know the students won’t come to this class because it isn’t shiny enough to attract the failing investor not using it to find and close deals!

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Episode #179 Genius Secrets of Being A Reluctant Real Estate Investor!

Did you know … the more you chase sellers of real estate, the faster they run? And if these sellers are running away it makes it real hard to do deals with them, right? So how do you get them to stop running? In this podcast we plan to show you the very hidden secret no one else is teaching you on how to become a deal magnet. Make these simple an subtle changed and you will notice a major paradigm shift in how many deals you will attract and get accepted. Without all of the hard work and extra learning to do it. In fact, it is so simple to make deals these days, even a teenage video coach potato can do it – and make a fortune. And believe it or not … if you apply what Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse do in real estate, you will have a line of deals waiting for you to work on and get big checks from, as I said … NO ONE is teaching this. So grab a pencil and paper to take some notes in this very unique episode!

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