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Flipping Houses for Rookies is a podcast that focuses on all the important factors that you need to do to flip houses and get into the real estate investing business! You can listen to all of the podcasts below or to the right. You can also find them on iTunes (button to the right to subscribe!), Google Play, or any of the major podcasting services!

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Episode #340 The Key Ingredients To Creative Real Estate Results!

Making planning become an actuality is not as simple as most believe when first starting out on any adventure. In fact, the opposite is true … often we end up erecting a monster and get more and more confused. Therefore, to have a real estate activity that is meaningful, useful, and lasting, you have to understand the key ingredients of the activity, then be able to make the planning become an actuality. This is the only way to succeed for your personal reasons, and efforts to create the activity and reap the rewards from it. Getting something like this done is often tricky. Unless you follow along today, we will help guide you on a simple, clear path to getting results that propel your dreams! Because Creative Real Estate is not a well-defined subject, too many get lost and forgotten, and even collapse occurs unless you do what we are about to cover in the next 60-minutes. And you will be pleasantly surprised how easy it is, and why it has been so confusing up to now. So make sure you take notes …

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Episode #339 What Actually Is Creative Real Estate?

You think you want to do Creative Real Estate. You search it out. Go to REI meetings, watch YouTube videos, follow podcasts like this one (and others). You may even have bought some books, or courses. Been coached. What ever the level you are in the process, you may never have asked yourself … “what actually is Creative Real Estate?” If you are like me (recently) and have Googled it; only to find no good definition. Just a bunch of ads and articles that seem confusing when trying to figure things out, never mind getting results! So, we thought we could help today by going basic basic and make Creative Real Estate crystal clear in your mind, which should help you come out of the fog and see your path to success with a Creative Real Estate understanding and become simple and easy. Especially when it comes to finding deals, then structuring them on your own. You are going to be amazed how much of this one 60-minute podcast is going to assist you and your real estate journey, so you get what you want out of life the way you intended to do!

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Episode #338 Creative Real Estate Audit – Why Aren’t You Doing Deals?

The plague of all Creative Real Estate Entrepreneur’s is – why am I not doing deals, or enough deals to sustain my desired lifestyle! To the point that this question is actually mentally harassing you day in and day out. Some have even accepted this existing condition as “inevitable” and toss off the belief they can’t do it, or settle with “that’s life!” Which, of course, is just an overwhelming attitude for most. With feelings of the reality about possibly charting out their own ideal life and achieving it. What if I told you today we are going to show you how to turn this around very easily. Only because the root cause is always a couple of reasons. And once you know them, you can revert to doing amazing deals, often. What if there was a way to audit, inspect, or look over very simple reasons why you are not making deals. Then quickly remedy them. Imagine what that would do for your financial future, and freedom to live your life the way you choose to! We do it all in the next 60-minutes, so tune in now for the full disclosure …

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Episode 337 NEW: Rookie System To Negotiate Gargantuan Creative Deals Easily!

Talking to sellers, you are told, is the only way to make Creative Real Estate Deals, so you try, you practice your scripts. Even record your conversations to make adjustments, so you can do better on the next call. But you are still struggling with what to do when, and feel you are still messing things up, and not making deals. Fret no longer … in this single podcast we are going to reveal a new little system that is super easy to learn, with gargantuan results for Rookies or Pros looking to do Creative real Estate deals that produce Money Now, Money Monthly, and Money Later, so you can retire early, or fire your boss! And, if you have not done your first $5K, this is going to be your quantum leap into Creative Real Estate! Why am I so bold and confident about this … because it is a simple step-by-step negotiating tool for anyone to use that sellers love, and say yes to. So make sure you listen a few times, and take notes. This information is only here, nowhere else to date … until someone copies us. Let’s go …

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REFRESH Episode #130 Real Estate Investing Goals Are Usually For Losers, Listen Why …

Seems a lot of investors tend to hit a point in their life where they want to throw down the gauntlet and battle attempts of setting goals, pre-arranging plans, and strive to take actions not usually done in the amateur real estate investor’s life. Why? Because for whatever reason, something is not going as desired and the amateur investor “desires” the outcome of this amazing skill of turning houses into income while , being your own boss. Making your own schedule, more family time, donate to church and charities, pay off debt, and maybe plenty of time off. So why do so many not make it? Or, why are there so many who lose at this seemingly easy goal? Listen to this podcast to hear exactly why …

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Episode #336 What Exactly Do You Need To Know From A Seller To Make Profitable, Legal, Creative Deals?

So you have figured out how to find leads. Even overcome your fear of talking to sellers on the phone. You have tried scripts, and even your own ideas of what to say, but aren’t really getting deals, or spending too long on the calls. Maybe think you have a deal, then the seller ghosts you. Or, you feel you don’t get the right information while on the first contact call, and have to call back. You might even sense you are talking too much, or past the point of where the seller is already to say “YES.” Point is: if you are not rich (or where you want to be with real estate) it has to be what you are doing on these call of gathering information, and solving problems that sellers will pay you handsomely with their equity and cashflow. So we need to know how to quickly get our information, yet leave the seller with the warm and fuzzy’s. In this one podcast episode, we are going to give you 30-years of practice in one 60-minute span, so you can completely shortcut your success in getting deals.

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Episode #335 Why We Always Make Huge Profits On Our Creative Real Estate Deals!

Ever wonder how you can get behind the scene with us to see how we do things, so you can do it too? More to the point … how do we actually do the deals we talk about, and make huge profits – on every deal, so we don’t need to do a quantity of deals to make a lot of money. Maybe you wonder how do all these deals without making mistakes, or perhaps you believe it is our experience that you don’t have that keeps us safe? What if I told you you could listen to this single 60-minute podcast, and know everything we do, so you can do it too. In fact, once we take you behind the scene, you are going to be disappointed, mostly because it is too simple, without all the levers and buttons you think we have. See, the biggest obstacle most have is the main rule about creative real estate: “It is not something you learn, it’s something you do!” But because it has money involved, most get cold feet on the “DO!” But today we are going to show you a guaranteed way to stay safe, and make TON’s of dough!

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Episode #334 How Does Today’s Inflation Affect Creative Real Estate Deal Victory?

Since COVID we have heard about broken or clogged supply chains, lack of raw materials, worker shortages, rising oil and gas prices, a war with Russia and Ukraine, increases with grocery cost, car cost, and even a shortage of diapers. Today, in this podcast, we are going to talk about how inflation works, and how it has impacted the housing market, along with creative real estate. Plus, we will chat about a lot about whether you should buy, or wait? Then, we will discuss how all of this will collide with rentals, or apartments. As creative real estate investors, we need to have a good predict of how inflation impacts the market, buying or selling. As with any financial decision, it’s important to keep your guard up for any, and all, economic risks. However, smart planning, like in this podcast, will keep you secure against any major risk, or economic fall-out. If you just follow along, you will soon see how plain and simple it can be. Plus, we will reveal the best investment to seek during these turbulent times. And how they work for you, not against you!

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Episode #333 Common Rookie Creative Real Estate “Ignorance Tax” StopsRetirement Early Profits!

How much ignorance tax are you actually paying by not knowing the craft of making a million dollars per year with Creative Real Estate, cold! If you make $50K per year now, your ignorance tax to life is $950K per year. For not knowing how to find, structure, and profit from Creative real Estate. Choosing to not learn with correct information in front of you is the same as not being able to learn. Or, having a learning disability. And I am not talking about reading a book found in Barnes & Noble that only teach the broad sweeping concepts, not the details you need to get the rate of return you need to pay down your $950K ignorance tax per year. So what has to happen to start paying down this ignorance tax you are being burdened with, especially if you don’t have money now. In this single episode, we are going to talk about how you can pay this tax in full without breaking your bank account, or more important, how you can start today if that’s your desire. And, you can’t find this in a Barnes & Noble book. Only right here and right now is your chance, so listen up.

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Episode #332 Creative Real Estate Secret Shortcuts For Gargantuan Profits Rapidly!

We hear: Inflation is up, economy is going to crash, mortgage interest rates are up, and expect to get into the double digits soon. And you think … what if I buy a house, and the market crashes, which is causing you to not hunt for deals, or worse, stop thinking real estate can help you retire early. This exact podcast is designed to show you how to prevent the stomach butterflies and actually do deals within the next 30-days, so you can put a check into your pocket, and for most … finally prove to everyone who doubted you, that you did it! How would that feel? A big check to help get out of debt, help kids, parents, the homeless. Maybe afford a luxury vacation, without guilt. Take some time off. Or, fly somewhere you always wanted to go. What this podcast means to you is … you’ll have the ability to find and chose a deal that suits you, and be able to close on it. Which also means you won’t get stuck with nightmare deals that could wipe you out later on, without knowing it until it’s too late. Here we go …

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