Episode #243​ Breakthrough & Common Reasons Sellers Don’t Do Deals With Rookies Effortlessly!

By | March 8, 2021

Creating a profitable real estate business is NOT all about the “correct” or “right” things to do, but also a lot has to do with the bad habits, or wrong actions you do, or don’t do? And often most Rookie Creative Real Estate Investors are not even aware they are doing, or not doing them. And the effects it leaves with sellers. Sometimes causing sellers to change their mind. Getting and making profitable responses from sellers could be complicated enough without these six-common reasons. Then you add these into the mix, and it is like running 40-times around the baseball diamond just to get one home run on the scoreboard. We are going to break it down in this podcast, so you can start to use, or not use the most breakthrough and common reasons sellers don’t do deals with Rookies. Once each is revealed to you, your mind will brighten up and quite possibly overcome your barriers to completely flourish & prosper using Creative Real Estate strategies on pretty houses for HUGE profits!

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