Episode #11 Five Laws of Making Deals

By | August 22, 2016

On this episode Bill & Pete cover some basic laws on deal making. Most don’t realize the most important part of the real estate business is talking to sellers and getting them to say yes. In this podcast Bill talks about some major point you need to do this.

If you expect to receive chunks of cash from your real estate activity, you will need to hear this episode on the 5 LAWS Of Making Deals. Once you have these fundamentals understood you will start to realize how easy this business could be (or become).

In fact (at the end) Bill slips with a few private secrets on how he keeps track of his leads and why it is so important for deal making. Pete’s (The Rookie) eyes pop out and he starts to scramble looking for a pen. It was funny!

At the end of the day you will need to talk to and negotiate motivated sellers. After all, the ONLY way to buy a house is of you make offers. If you don’t make offers, you WON”T buy a damn thing. So listen to this podcast so you too can get some offers accepted.

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