Episode #13 No Money Down- A Myth, Scam or Secret

By | September 12, 2016

How many times have you heard (or wondered) if this real estate game is a myth or a scam? You here these late night infomercials ranting and raving how you can make $20K to $100K with no money down. And they make it look as easy as grocery shopping once you are done with your workday, right?

Imagine if what you thought was a myth or a scam really turned out to be one of today’s best kept secrets?

What I am talking about here is knowing the “nuts & bolts” of the industry so you too could get some of those BIG checks. Well, having bought and sold over 100 properties Bill (The Deal Maker) goes over some very fine points that the TV shows won’t disclose because it isn’t very “sexy!”

So if you are looking for very pragmatic (or practical) advice to buy and sell real estate, this episode will help you a lot. Bill (The Deal Maker) breaks things down so now matter what level you are at you can get some real jewels out of this only once recorded information.

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