Episode #137 18-Under Your Nose Secrets That Turn Real Estate Offers Into Gold!

By | February 25, 2019

Truth be told… your words determine what you get in life. So if you have more great answers then your prospects have questions, the stress goes out of making offers and your confidence soars. That is why scripts are so important to us. And when I say script I mean organized words before they are said. More important, you can’t just hope that you will ‘think of something to say’ and that it will be ‘good enough’ to buy houses. However, I have found if you don’t add these 18-points to your presentation, the scripts sound unnatural and salesy and cause your seller to not act. And if you don’t know them-you will have 18-weaknesses expert investors use to create tremendous life-long income that makes stock market returns look like a bad joke. Let’s face it, if you are not rich from real estate, you may not be doing these 18-fundamentals. So let’s see what they are …

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