Episode #143 Deal Structuring – Creative Real Estate Math!

By | April 8, 2019

Yes, there is a ‘real estate investor wizard fraternity’. Many of then hang out together, talk deals together, share ideas with each other. And yes, there are a few things they’d rather you didn’t think about when they perform their wizardry magic shows. This podcast is going to be an introduction to you, and reveal what kind of things get talked about in these fraternities, plus who happens behind the scenes of how monster real estate deals are acquired. Don’t misunderstand, few of these wizards are evil. They are just bringing their magic to the show so you will give them your attention … then maybe buy something! Unlike many of these wizards, we want to explain down to earth practical ways to make real estate deals so you can go do a real tomorrow, earn some money, then fund your education. Let’s get started …

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