Episode #158 How To Improve Your Real Estate Deal Structuring Skills Effortlessly!

By | July 22, 2019

In today’s podcast we are going to concentrate on why the greatest ‘guru hoax’ is to have you study and follow their confusing and most often old strategies of buy-in real estate think of this… if you are confused, you will need to keep coming back to them and buy more ‘goodies’ right? A secret way to almost guarantee the best results and highest success is to keep and simple and easy. So if you want to ‘take charge’ of your real estate investing career, this episode is exactly what your bank account ordered. Instead, I am going to demonstrate some deal structuring right in front of your eyes so you can get ‘real-life’ evidence on how to use each type of the 7-offer strategies I have used to buy over 50 million dollars of real estate without banks, realtors, credit, risk, or any other down-fall you can think of. Actually, this unbelievable podcast should be behind a paid membership, but I am tired of explaining these concepts over and over again. So this podcast is to stop people from pestering me!

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