Episode #160 “Idiot Proof” Strategies To Find Hot Real Estate Deals Easily!

By | August 5, 2019

Often I get asked: “If I had to give a close family member advice on how to successfully get into the flipping houses for income business, what would I tell them?” So because this comes up a lot, I thought we should cover what my best advice is after doing more than 200 deals of my own, and at least that many for my coaching clients and other students. In test after test with real estate investor’s I have noticed (by a far margin) the folks who figure out deal hunting and g the hot, hot, hot real estate deals in their area – by far excel and make the most money when starting out. Incidentally, these people are not usually the best negotiators, good at the deal structuring, have money to fund deals, or credit to get funds. Nope! They just got good at finding amazing deals no one else found. Which means it’s a “no-competition” world when making offers to these very motivated sellers. It puts even the most green investor on solid ground when turning real estate into consistent income!

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