Episode #166 20 Ways To Buy Real Estate Without Money Down

By | September 16, 2019

Anyone, including you, can profit from turning houses into cash these days. If armed with the correct knowledge and a little bit of action you can turn your financial scene around quickly, often in weeks, not years. You don’t have to wait is the point. Funny thing is one of the very few lessons taught to us about money in school is “you need money to make money!” If you think the only place to get money in from the bank, well you have fallen into the trap of the rich wanting you to think that so they can get richer off the interest and fees they create out of thin air. More to the point … I think you have a better advantage if you don’t get stuck in their web of lies and deception. Some of the best investors I have trained were flat broke and had a credit score that you would think is similar to the temperature you would cook a roast on Sunday afternoon (350). Those with money tend to leap before they learn. In this podcast, we are going to open your eyes up to the multitude of ways you can get houses turned into income without money!

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