Episode #168 Irrefutable Priceless Information On Owning Apartment Buildings From Guest Speaker Maureen Miles

By | September 30, 2019

Ever wonder why you should buy apartment buildings, or if you can? In this podcast we are going to show you how o put our little formula of making money no, making money monthly, and making money later on steroids! And to even top that off… how to totally leverage your time, real estate activity, and how to pick the right markets to inflate your personal profits in real estate investing. Plus we will break the myth of you having to flip a bunch of single family houses to get up to buying apartment buildings. If done correctly, there is a massive pool of money waiting to be invested in what these lenders consider safer, less volatile place to put huge loans with lower risk. Lastly, we will cover how you will not be a management company getting calls at 2am about clogged toilets, but instead have a business that produces everything you want.

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