Episode #177 Calculating Profitability In Real Estate Deals Effortlessly!

By | December 2, 2019

If you were educated in the main stream education system like most of us, you will have been taught that the banks have all the money. And the rich now the banks. What most don’t really is money is made from thin air (your thoughts). And … you can get a big check in days, not years, if you know a couple of things about real estate and its ability when you are creative. When I first started my venture to convert houses to fast cash, I had no idea how loose the business was. In other words, how much my creative mind on deal structuring would play out with my sellers. Bottom line … there really isn’t a right way or a wrong way to buy real estate so long as you pay attention to your profit centers. And that’s where most investors fall down. They are not creative enough to imagine profit centers in each deal or study deal structuring in an outrageous manner. And I am not talking about listening to someone like me. But instead get into houses and study sellers so they fully understand the person paying them to most. And today we are going to dabble in all of this so profit becomes clear to you in each of your deals. So here we go …

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