Episode #180 What Most Real Estate Investors Are Guilty Of And Why They Get The Death Sentence Every Time They Do It!

By | December 23, 2019

You may ask … ‘Who are the jurors convicting the average real estate investor to death?’ The simple answer: the seller with his/her name on the deed that never gets passed to the investor so the investor’s job can be performed with a big paycheck! And the really ironic part of this phenomenon is the investor thinks he is doing nothing wrong. And in most cases believes he are doing what is correct to create those big checks. Yet they don’t ever come, or they don’t come often enough? And the really crazy part is this investor thinks he just needs a shiny are gun or better hunting equipment to find his target. This one ‘down-side’ of investing is not talked about with the students, but only amongst the teachers. Why? The teachers know the students won’t come to this class because it isn’t shiny enough to attract the failing investor not using it to find and close deals!

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