Episode #187 Historically + Genuinely The Greatest Weakness In Investors + How To Effortlessly Spot It

By | February 11, 2020

When most real estate investors start out, each inevitably goes through being nervous, or completely terrorize themselves into anxiety oblivion about talking to sellers. Not to mention giving the seller a number much less than the seller is asking. Too often the investor goes into defensive thinking about what the seller would say before before the investor asks the questions. This obsession about the “answer panic” will often paralyze the investor so much he or she will go into total “research mode” and try to study and study and study all of the “correct” defensive thinking and behavior the seller will throw back once the investor throws a question or offer out there. This fear of being noticeably nervous is the exact weakness every investor is trying to avoid and eliminate so things so smooth! In this podcast we are going to help  you overcome your fear of talking to sellers. Plus give you exact formulas that will turn your panic buttons off like a kill switch on your riding lawn mower.

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