Episode #199 Do Not Listen To This Podcast Unless You Want To Hear How To Wholesale Real Estate Easily!

By | May 4, 2020

Warning … Do not get involved with this podcast unless you hate making mistakes wholesaling real estate deals! If your interested in knowing how these coaching clients scaled their wholesale business over the last year … you are in the right place. Because these two guys are going to pull the curtain back on this growing business and reveal the good, the bad, and the ugly while cracking you their wholesale profits. Once we get through thus very detailed interview you will start to see how to avoid the dangers of doing these wholesale deals, so everything doesn’t go to hell in a handbasket. Before you leave us today, you will have a good idea of the right and wrong way to work your wholesale deals. So let’s disarm your chances of failure by hearing what Brad and Randy Meyer from Texas have to share with us about how they got started and are still raking in profits while out there finding and making wholesale deals on a very consistent basis for regular income so they can keep growing. Let’s get started …

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