Episode #201 How To Make A Breakthrough With Real Estate Investing By Picking The Losers!

By | May 18, 2020

A question I get often is: “How do you attract those high quality creative deals anyway?” As if there is a secret way I do this. Or some undiscovered button under my desk that I push and the ceiling above my desk and pours a bucket full of hot leads on my desk beggint to talk to me! If you truly want to build a real estate investing business or minimally want consistent income you will need to know what we plan to cover on this one on this one very unique podcast. If you don’t get what we are about to cover, it could quite honestly destroy your business or career in real estate investing. How do I know this? Well, it’s from the list of ex-coaching clients I recently reviewed, and the many Meetups attendees that were hot to trot in the Meetup to only unsubscribe off my email list that so many other compliment me on. Today I am going to cover silly simple things you should know about real estate investing so you don’t kneel over dead as an investor. So here is your oxygen mask so we can get started …

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