Episode #223 Little Known Million Dollar Strategy – Land Trusts Explained!

By | October 20, 2020

Here is what I don’t understand: Every time you sign your name to a deed – or – a note, you’re risking everything you own to fulfill that debt? Which means the creditor’s have legal rights to chase you into your grave (if they choose to). Which is why I am doing this podcast … there is a very easy solution to this problem that is easy and you are going to LOVE! Only because it is trouble-free, yet extremely unknown by most. And anyone can do for no extra cost in each deal. This solution is the “hidden & protected” land trust, once you know and understand it will make you scratch your head and wonder why most don’t use it? Savvy investors (including politicians) use land trusts every day. Only because this powerful document offers personal and legal advantages not associated with any other kind of property ownership. But you must first play by the rules to avoid all the problems most legal beagles add to it because they just don’t understand it. Then give you bad advice on it and make you believe their pompous ideology is correct. Once you finish this podcast you will soon realize how this is not true. So lets dig in, so I can explain …

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