Episode #225 Blueprint On Making Creative Real Estate Offers For Rookies – Revealed!

By | November 2, 2020

Everybody has a dream, and for most it is making a better life for themselves and their families. I know I talk to a LOT of new real estate investors, and they are completely convinced real estate is the tool to give them those dreams. Unfortunately, there seems to be multiple approaches when entering the real estate arena. But two things are in common to all these different approaches: 1) Finding and communicating to motivated sellers 2) Making offers that will get accepted so you can forward your dreams. However, most take months, and often years to figure this out. To the point that the dreams die, and they feel the whole real estate thing becomes out of reach for them. Today we are going to reveal some basic laws about making offers that will increase your chances of hitting your dreams 10X faster, or more? And it’s not hard, you just need to hear it, and the sequence of how to do it. Then go out and try it. Next thing you know, your confidence soars … and, well, you start doing deals!

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