Episode #227 Are You Losing More Creative Real Estate Deals Than You Prefer or Want To – But Don’t Know Why?

By | November 16, 2020

Knowledge, truth, and secrets are the guts and soul of any true application of education. Today I would like to cast aside knowledge and truth. I think we have lots of podcasts pertaining to these with regard to creative real estate, right? But instead I want to cover the biggest secret amongst all successful creative real estate investors. And most humans for that fact! And the reason is, such a secret is right under our noses and hidden in plain sight. Much like a fish not seeing the water all around him because it is so natural he knows no better. This podcast will not only make you more deals, but will help you read the sellers mind (no kidding), and even show you how I take my “short-cut” by making my seller structure the deal for me, so I don’t have to work so hard (or know so much). And, I have never covered this before so you will enjoy this episode more than ever because it will not only help you in real estate, but in every aspect of your life plus give you true abundance!

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