Episode #229 How to Actually Do One Creative Real Estate Deal Per Month!

By | November 30, 2020

This podcast is dedicated to my very good friend Pete the Rookie. Only because he made a comment to me the other day that he would like to do one creative deal per month constantly without me. And this was a BIG cry for me that Pete really wants to (and is ready) to change his life around, which is AWESOME! So today we are going to approach creative real estate investing intelligently, with a mini business plan, or a type of blueprint mentality. I expect by the time we are done today I can remove the trial and error method for finding and closing one creative deal per month. And I want to grind this down to a very simple process so no one has a long runway of trying to get a Yale or Harvard education to start making some dough. Like most jobs, you should be able to do your week or two of training, and get right to it. And Peter … you have done a bunch of rehab and retail deals with me. Now it’s time to push you out of the nest and let you fly. So today is going to be a coaching session for you while all of our listeners hear what I do to help folks like you. And I expect they will appreciate this as you will. So let’s get started …

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