Episode #236 Real Estate “Special Forces Phrases” To Defuse “Offer-Awkward” Rookies Quickly

By | January 18, 2021

Have you ever noticed, after watching a good action movie, you can remember the fight scenes? And in many cases, mimic what you saw? That’s because outside of being in a real fight, this is the best way to learn fighting, or defending yourself. By watching the scenario unfold right in front of you on the BIG screen in “live-action.” It is very easy for your mind to absorb these scenarios and then mimic what you saw. So this, so this means for best learning, Rookies need close combat training, without getting their asses kicked and put in the hospital. Scenarios like a good :action-flick” that would be both entertaining and educational. Where it would show you realistic (and common) scenes, and you go back into your life, and it works for you? Plus how to defend any income trouble. To prove this is true this is true, and that any “offer-awkward” Rookie can do this, we have arranged this podcast, so you can defuse this “offer-awkwardness” in privacy as you listen along, without any risk or getting hurt. Once you are done … will agree this is the only proven and effective way to conquer deal after deal to win the fight. So grab a pencil and paper and let’s go …

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