Episode #238 Rookies Dictionary For Creative Real Estate Terms Most Need & Want! Part #1

By | February 1, 2021

In order to do Creative Real Estate deals correctly and professionally, you must speak the language accurately, flawlessly, and with complete fluency. You have heard me explain multiple times … it’s not the math that makes a deal, but the language and conversation that makes unbelievable deals. Most often we learn how to speak a dialect by listening to others speak. And this is the beggining of the problem that runs ramped in Creative Real Estate production and results. I find many words and terms are largely unknown by most investors. And yet, most don’t even know it! Often this is done by investors to impress their listeners. Realize this … for those who are literate in this industry – using these words and phrases incorrectly are a red flag. They say knowledge is power. Well what you are about to absorb & learn in this podcast will be the hard cold facts that can give you the quantum leap that you have been seeking for some time now! And, I beg you to listen several times, plus at least once take good notes to reference back to when needed!

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