Episode #246 The Less I Think About My Creative Real Estate Deals – The MORE I make (and how you can too)!

By | March 29, 2021

OVER-THINKING: The demise of more real estate deals than most statistician’s can count. Why do you suppose this is? More to the point … why do we put so much confidence into thinking when trying to make decisions? And, if you believe I am backwards, or NUTS on this one point, or these questions … then this one single podcast is going to be cataclysmic for YOU! So what are the obstacles? And why do most creative Real Estate Entrepreneurs suck at it so bad to the point of where most fail!! Unless they get the mind-set we are about to cover in this episode. Being sarcastic for a moment … the procrastinator’s should probably listen to this “earth-shattering” podcast later! Only because they may see for the first time in their life, why they have been so wrong for all of the thought they put behind decisions; just so they feel safe! Which is exactly how I invest (safe). But today I am going to penetrate Bill’s forehead and let you see how I do deals without over-thinking and letting fear into the process. Now with this confidence you can comfortably move through a deal to completion without sleep-less nights and anxiety! Let’s listen …

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