Episode #264 For Anyone Squeamish About Talking To Real Estate Sellers About Doing Creative Deal Confidently!

By | August 2, 2021

By now, you know there is gold in them there hills! But how do you get “instant credibility” with real estate sellers when talking about making monthly payments until paid off? You know it is crucial to “arrange” your conversations with sellers correctly, so they agree to your terms. But are not quite sure how to “flip” the Seller from getting all their cash in 30-days, to how about you become the bank and let me pay you monthly? Without trying to manipulate the Seller’s motivation, or worse, losing their interest … and ghosting you. By now you might even start thinking only the best “salesy” folks can make these deals, and that is NOT you! But, what if I told you there are some simple, yet smart ways to get these Sellers off their pedestal, and stop looking down on you. Even better … use only ordinary, every day “talk” so Seller’s stick to you like glue, and help you do the transaction – even if this is your first time doing a deal? This is a perfect podcast for squeamish feelings about talking to Sellers, and will be like taking Pepto-Bismol for an upset stomach. So buckle up while we blow you out of your boots …

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