Episode #267 Contest Winner Reveals All About How Freaked Out He Was!

By | September 6, 2021

It is no secret that going into a seller’s house to make an offer for the first time is scarier than speaking to a crowd of ten thousand people. Most manufacture in their own mind how this first visit in a house will go. To only find out it ends up not being anything like that. Today we have John Rmeriez on the line. He entered our contest several weeks back on Bill’s dare to go out and visit sellers to win an interview right here on my podcast. So today we plan to find out what happened when John went into a house and actually talked to a seller for the first time, how the seller responded to John’s questions, some things John noticed while there, and even share his inner feelings about this whole thing. Then Bill plans to answer any questions, or help with any confusions John might have. This entire podcast is improv (talking without preparation). So listen up. Let’s see what we can learn from John’s experiences today …

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