Episode #303 You Only Want This Deal!

By | May 16, 2022

“Need” is death, “want” is life! And the only thing between the two is: ATTITUDE! And this little adjustment is the difference between living in the penthouse, or on the streets homeless. But, sometimes you “need” things, there is no way around it. In this podcast, we are going to talk about when the feeling of need is okay – and when it is NOT okay. Plus, the tougher the “need” the more you require this episode to help you through these crucial times, so you can get to the other side of comfortable, and not “needing.” So if you want results in Creative Real Estate activity, you will want to focus on the simple, controllable, practical tools you are about to discover. If you are one of those folks that have spent thousands on learning real estate, and years trying to do a deal to get your money back … this single “inner-core” conversation is exactly what your wallet, and sanity ordered for your “lack-of-results” disease!

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