Episode #310 Why Scripts Oddy Lose Deals In Creative Real Estate; With Extraordinary Results!

By | July 4, 2022

Almost everyone I know does not like to call Seller’s and talk to these strangers about Creative Real Estate! The sheer thought of what to say, then the resistance of your proposed offer, is like a slow brutal death to most. In fact, most view this as “not human like” activity, and convince themselves they are not the “Salesman” like personality and drift off into the world of virtual assistance to overcome this unliked resistance from Sellers. What if we told you within the next 60-minutes how you could actually throw-away any, and all of your scripts, know exactly what to say, how to say it, and make it so you can’t wait to make your next call? What do you think would happen to your future freedom and financial wealth if you all of a sudden handled this fear and hatred for talking to stranger sellers because of this one podcast? In fact, not only will you know exactly what to say, you will know how to structure deals because of your results over the next few days of trying …

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