Episode #312 Are You Losing Deals In Creative Real Estate Because You Are Not Using The Valuable #3 Correctly?

By | July 18, 2022

The magic number three. Three little pigs. Three wise men. Goldilocks ang her three bowls of porridge. Three branches of the United States government: Legislative, Executive, and Judicial. Today we are going to talk about the reason for this, and, why you will fail if you don’t play along with these universe natural, and basic laws. The Greek philosopher Pythagoras believed the number three was considered the perfect number. The number of harmony, wisdom, and understanding. It is also the number for time: Past, present, and future. Life itself: Birth, growth, and death. In this philosophical podcast, you will soon see how your creative real estate career could change with a slight view-point shift by using the rules of three. Stick with us on this strange creative real estate episode, and you will soon be linked to hope and optimism, with a look at a brighter future and wisdom you may just need in today’s very chaotic arena. Let the power of three be with you!

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