Episode #314 System Secrets That Every Rookie Needs Before Making Offers On Creative Real Estate!

By | August 1, 2022

Human Nature … How do we make decisions for business, or just in everyday life? Most want to look smart, make more for less, and know the decision is the best they can do. And if this feeling of confidence is not there, we start to think we are not making the right decision and our instinct tells us to take less action, go do some research, wait a little bit, or even worse … “NO!” And because we are in the real estate business, we are often dealing with the largest asset most folks have, which elevates the pressure on the decision by 10 to 100 fold. Your job therefore is to understand and acknowledge the reality of human nature, along with the needs & wants of sellers. But how do you get the truth about how someone feels about your Creative Real Estate offers without faking you out, misleading you, or even canceling you from their life. In this podcast, we are going to show you our system secrets on making offers, so you can short-cut your income by knowing exactly what your seller wants, then giving it to them profitably. When you are done with us today, you will make ’em offers they can’t refuse!

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