Episode #348 Does Personality Really Affect Gargantuan Creative Real Estate Deals

By | April 3, 2023

Why is it that some creative real estate investors make WAY more money than others. Or, why are some multi-millionaires, where others are not? Kind of confusing, right? Is it resources? IQ? The way they learn? Perhaps who they learn from? You will be surprised to know, all of these could be, and likely are true. But the underlying truth is their personality. How they conduct themselves, why they think the way they do. How build and control their environments. The way they talk to Sellers and Buyers are all from their unique personality. But, today in this very special podcast we are going to reveal what these 7-common personality traits are, so you too can adapt them easily and start to become as s successful as these millionaires. And, as you listen, will realize how simple you can make little changes in your life to gain immediate success in Creative Real Estate, making more deals and getting that freedom you have yearned for. So sit back. Listen. Take notes. And enjoy …

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