Episode #350: Finding Creative Real Estate Deals And Today’s Economy!

By | April 17, 2023

The number one barrier most rookies think of when getting into creative real estate, is how they will find their deals. If this is happening to you, then this single podcast is going to “jump start” your ability to close deals quickly, and easily. Without using your own money, applying and getting bank loans, or even asking your seller to finance you if they don’t want to. Some of the strategies you will hear today are in-play post-covid-19 and work magically in today’s economy. More to the point … today’s ideas will come into play the higher interest rates climb. Just like in the “70’s” when rates were as high as 18 percent. So our plan today is to equip you with not one, but several approaches to finance your deals once you find them. What you will soon realize is the more choices you have in your back pocket to finance deals, the more relaxed you will be, and the more deals you will make. So let’s go over the possibilities for you to fund those creative deals, and become financially free!

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