Episode #368 Are You Ignoring Creative Real Estate Normally, But Don’t Want To?

By | August 28, 2023

We’ve all been there. The attraction of Creative Real Estate strategies beckons, and promises ways to maximize income and redefine our lifestyle. Yet somehow, we keep pushing it to the back burner, and often it’s the lingering hesitation, the “I’m just not in the mood” feeling after dealing with life. Leaving you convinced you’ll get to it when you have time, but that time never seems to come. In this episode, we will explore the subtle barriers you are up against, and holding you back from diving into the world of Creative Real Estate results that land in your bank account, known as profits. Join us as we unravel the psychology that is probably working against you that you usually don’t know about, yet! So, if you ever felt the pull of Creative Real Estate but found yourself hesitating, or not in the mood to do it, this episode will help you to unravel and discover how you can possibly unstick it, and actually get going, and get some checks!

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