Episode #375 How To Convert More Deals Easily In Today’s Economy

By | October 9, 2023

In today’s Dynamic real estate market, the ability to convert deals efficiently is heavily intertwined with understanding the human traits behind each deal structure. The key to unlocking more creative and lucrative deals lies in delving deep into the human psyche, exploring the motivations, desires, and needs that drive individuals in their real estate sale. The secrets May reside in the seller’s most common habits. and until now, no one has studied these traits, and actually listed them by deal structure type. it has been discovered by just knowing these listed human behaviors that sellers very often feel like you understand them, and they tend to want to deal with you. and we all know real estate is more than houses in contracts, and more about forming friendships and working together. in a world where everyone seems to be doing the same thing, this helps you stand out from the crowd. but I understand what makes sellers tick, you may discover a new Secret Sauce in getting deals. so push play now, and let’s create your own personal secret recipe to doing more deals..

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