Season 1: Finding the Time
Season 1 Introduction
S1E1: Learning The Art Of Making Time For Real Estate
S1E2: Where To Get The Money To Buy Real Estate
S1E3: 7-Things You Need To Know Before You Start
S1E4: Old Ideas, Today’s Technology, And New Cures
S1E5: The Best Way To Grow Your Career So Get Everything You Want
S1E6: 4-Steps to Deal Negotiation
S1E7: 5-Steps To A Real Estate Oasis & Freedom
Season 2: Deal Hunting
Season 2 Introduction
S2E1: Be A Big Fish In A Small Pond
S2E2: FSBO’s, The Fastest Way To Get A Deal
S2E3: Real Life Miracle Questions That Build Your Wealth
S2E4: Yellow Letters Part 1
S2E5: Yellow Letters Part 2
S2E6: Using Bandit Signs
S2E7: Business Cards
S2E8: Social Media
Season 3: How To Survive Sellers Calling You
Season 3 Introduction
S3E1: What Phone Number Do I Use For My Ads
S3E2: Get Simple – Get Smart With This When Sellers Call …
S3E3: Save Your Time On The Phones By Doing This …
S3E4: Now The Seller Is On The Phone – What’s Next?
S3E5: How Do You Know When To Make An Appointment?
S3E6: Preparing For The Appointment
Season 4: Walking Through The House & Surviving Anything
Season 4 Introduction
S4E1: Walking Through The House & Survive Anything
S4E3: A SLOT Deal Offer
S4E4: An Option Deal
S4E5: A Lease Option Deal
S4E6: A Getting the Deed Deal
S4E7: A Rehab Retail Deal
S4E8: A Wholesale Deal
S4E9: A Free & Clear Deal
Season 5: The Nitty-Gritty On Getting The House Ready To Sell
Season 5 Introduction
S5E1: Secrets Of A Sharp Clean Up Or Renovation
S5E2: Secrets To A Smarter You With Contractor’s
S5E3: Relief To A Smarter You With Contractors
S5E4: Remove The Silent Signs That Repel Your Buyer
S5E5: The Nicest Places To Get The Most Activity
S5E6: Points To Ponder
Season 6: Now Let's Find The Buyer
Season 6 Introduction
S6E1: How Much Do I Sell For?
S6E2: Setting Up The Market
S6E3: Pre-Screening Time Savers That Work When Buyers Call You
S6E4: Alleviate The Hassles Of Selling A House By Setting It Up This Way
S6E5: How To Find & Pick The Best Maintenance Free Buyers
S6E6: Believe In Miracles – You Got The BIG Check, Now What …