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Show Introduction

Most get going in real estate investing while working a job or creating income somewhere else. So the system they use to learn real estate must work around this income producer until it can replace those earnings. You CAN’T and shouldn’t quit your current income source until you can replace it with something better … And The “new” Income Must Be Dependable! … In this podcast series you will get procedures like: in Season #1 – How to get prepared to buy & sell houses *** Season #2 – Deal hunting *** Season #3 – How to survive sellers calling you *** Season #3 – Making offers in the house and avoid investor’s fatigue *** Season #4 – How to close deals correctly so there is very little risk *** Season #5 – Once you close, what you need to do ***Season #6 – The “nitty-gritty” on selling houses fast so you get paid … Plus we have a PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP to assist you when working on your Flipping Houses Start Up! Only thing you need is to spend some time with Bill & Pete … in the podcast sequence laid out for you here … do each simple step … and soon you will have BIG CHECKS too! So enjoy …

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Season 1 Introduction

Have you wanted to get into the world of real estate investing only to not because of time? It can be hard to find time in life with a job and a family to find time to crack open the secrets to making big money with real estate. This season of Flipping Houses Startup Bootcamp covers this very problem. Bill and Pete will guide you though finding the time to find the money, so enjoy …

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S1E5: The Best Way To Grow Your Career So Get Everything You Want

What’s great about Bill’s system is it allows for everyone to win! The seller gets a great price, the buyer gets a house they would not have been able to afford otherwise, and you get a big check! Listen to this podcast to find out how to use this revolutionary system.

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