Episode #172 Ugly Real Estate vs Pretty Real Estate

By | October 28, 2019

When most folks think about real estate investors they thing about “flipping” houses for income. And if it is not something swirling around in your thoughts … turn the TV on and watch a few “flipping” shows and you will soon start to wonder if you too could possibly do it? Unfortunately, immediately right after that a fleeing thought comes … Can I do real estate investing that offers all the best benefits, with none of (or very few) drawbacks? Especially if you don’t have a lot of money or time to waste to figure it all out, right? Real estate (for most) is an exit strategy to replace your current inconvenienced income. That means it shouldn’t take too much time, or cause a lot of anxiety. If you choose to replace some (or all) of your income, and not be time-intensive or stress you out, this is the podcast for you. Only because I think by clarifying the difference between ugly real estate and pretty real estate, you can discover a better way to accomplish your desires without all of the common drawbacks that will hold you down when first starting out. Then you can decide if this is your road to freedom or not? So let’s get started …

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