Episode #173 How To Turn Time (Even If You Don’t Have It) Into Money Using Real Estate!

By | November 4, 2019

How do you turn time into money? I’m sure if you dug hard enough there are exceptions, but so far in 30 plus year of being self-employed, I have adhered to these few disciplines I am going to share on this podcast, and it has always been successful. And everyone I have met and gotten to know who ignores these disciplines one for one fail. It is possible that a few disciplines alone can literally determine success or failure? That is for you to decide. In todays episode, I will introduce you to these never before taught or talked about habits. Honestly, I’ve read a lot on the topic of time management by many authors, but have never seen this or heard of it before. So if you are struggling with your own little time management ‘systems’ you will never overcome your surroundings enough to pull off the real estate profits needed to replace your income. In fact, you’ll give the rest of us creative real estate investors a bad name while contributing to the middle class’s slow death!

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