Episode #174 How Much Money Are You Losing by Not Answering Seller Questions Correctly?

By | November 11, 2019

If your self-image is that you are not a ‘sales person’ you will not make the amount of deals (and money) that those whom see themselves as sales people. This one point is so powerful that Grant Cardone wrote a best selling book called “Sell Or Be Sold – How To Get Your Way in Business And In Life”. If you are losing more than you’re winning in real estate, then you need to realize you are an amateur on this topic. And in this podcast I will not cover a lot of theory, but instead give you some of my most powerful objections, stalls, and resistance handling so that you too can use them with your sellers and make more deals and much larger profits. then you soon can become someone who knows what you are doing and get the show on the road. In this episode, I plan to take you from amateur to pro by giving you my most used persuasive answers to sellers so you too can get results like I do. Better get some paper and a pencil for this one … you’re going to want these hidden jewels!

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