Episode #189 Realistic + Foolproof Way Of Talking To Real Estate Sellers Confidently And Painlessly!

By | February 24, 2020

There are thousands and thousands of real estate investors who ether go out of business, or never get going because they never mastered what to say to a new seller when first approaching them about using the seller’s property. Funny thing to me is … these investors never think to examine their mind set and make the simple adjustments we will talk about in this podcast. Weird part is if you do as we teach you in this podcast your seller could have a cure for some life-threatening situations regarding real estate. But if you don’t get through the front door, it doesn’t matter what you have to offer – they will never have a chance to hear it. Your words can set you free. And in the pretty house real estate investing game the words you use can guarantee a tremendous lifelong income that makes stock market returns look like a bad joke. However many new investors think they need to master the math side of the business (deal structuring) and not the human side of the business. Truth is … When you concentrate on the human side first, well the math and deal structuring falls into place. Let’s get into this podcast so we can show you how. …

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