Episode #190 Controversial (But Extremely Legal) Strategies To Buy A Lot Of Real Estate Quickly!

By | March 3, 2020

Believe it or not, there are not many who can give sellers multiple choices when making offers. In fact, most of our society believes the only way to get money to buy real estate is to go to the bank, and live with their extremely stringent rules. And ironically blows most deals up like an atom bomb. This is why I have ignored banks and their conservative ways in most of my several hundred deals! Even more important, how I have made more deals over the last 18+ years by simply being a “reluctant buyer” when presenting my offers to sellers. In this podcast, I will share my 7-single most profitable strategies that have gained me the most benefit by doing less and less on each deal. This tried and true way of doing business has nothing to do with realtors, bankers, and all the other professionals who have their hands out and collecting fees during your closings. Truth is, I find it very obnoxious dealing with these dilettante professionals most of the time …

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