Episode #192 Secret Legal Loophole (Revealed) Buys Many Real Estate Deals Without Loan Qualification Process!

By | March 16, 2020

So many potential investors feel they can’t get int the game because they don’t have loan power. But today I am going to blow that myth to smithereens. And I don’t mean leasing property – which is another top shelf strategy used when you can’t qualify for a bank loan. No what I am going to talk about today is actually assuming unasumable loans so legal that your attorney can close these days for you! In fact this one loophole I have recently figured out is a so huge … I expect anyone listening to this episode can purchase millions and millions of dollars in real estate in short order. I know I have. See it is ‘top secret’ because our politicians wrote these laws for their own use – and to hide their wealth. So you know it works. More importantly once you do the research as I have, you will soon see the lies are passed around like kids playing telephone so the rich keep getting richer. After today … you will be blow away at what you can and can’t do. And I promise – your flood gates will open up with these types of deals!

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