Episode #193 Your Last Rehab Bombed + Cost You Money – Here Is What You Do …

By | March 23, 2020

Buy low … sell high is the universal think. Most folks believe real estate profits are made for those with capitol. And most think all this is great, but are not sure where you might get the money, find the bargains, and then know you haven’t paid too much so the house will sell once you own it. The best place to begin is with education. Because believe it or not … many of your best deals in real estate in your real estate career will come from sellers who refuse to read a single book on the subject of real estate transactions. And will end up turning the property over to someone like you for tens of thousands of dollars below value. In this podcast I plan to give you exact formulas so your offers are 100% safe. Plus how you can find the money to buy, rehab, and hold these deals for huge profits even if you think you know these formulas you should listen so you can get my 16+ years and hundreds of deal experience.

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