Episode #197 Predictable Gargantuan Profits Found In Real Estate Emerging Markets!

By | April 20, 2020

Just like the tide of the ocean coming in and going out is on a predictable schedule, real estate markets cycles go up and down predictably too! Unlike the ocean, in real estate, the tide always rises over time, and if you can hold real estate long enough, you’ll always make money. Even better, because there are large and small markets all with their own cycles, it sometimes looks like random movement. But once you hear what we are going to talk about in this podcast, you will soon see these cycles are not random. But they have very predictable “tell tales” that are very obvious one you know what to look for. As soon as you are done listening to this episode, you will know more than about 95% of all real estate investors out there. And how to use key indicators like a crystal ball when it comes to profits in real estate investing. Emerging markets are the most exciting part of the real estate market because of the millions you can make with these simple under standings of economic movements, management of cities, and cravings of buyers wrapped into one package with one big bow called profit!

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