Episode #196 Reality Arrives … Running A Real Estate Business Virtually!

By | April 13, 2020

Ever wonder how the internet could instantly increase your real estate investing career? Well I think a lot of Americans took cyber space as a convenience and as a part of life. Sort of like a car, or a cell phone. Until the coronavirus swept the world and overnight we are forced to stay home and not do things that we took for granted everyday in our lives. During this attack you would expect the real estate business to fall to its knees, only because how do you look at houses, sell houses without showing them, or all of the other stuff in between? These were the questions I was asking myself when the governor of my state closed it down. Wondering if I would need to close shop and wait for it to blow over. Which I considered, until the support tickets from my website started pouring in asking how we are all going to survive this pandemic. At this point, I realized the decision to shut down would effect a lot more than me and my family. But many others. So that’s when I pulled my team together, went into overdrive and figured out things I would have never known if this did not happen. And today, I am going to share it all with you (un-sensored) …

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