Episode #205 How To Easily “Flip” Sellers Objections Into Profitable Deal Ethically + Honestly!

By | June 15, 2020

So many investors are “money-motivated” and only think about their benefit to doing deals. They forget that the sellers have to agree too. In fact, I have found when I do deals without the money, or do the money last, I do much bigger deals. How do you ethically + honestly “arrange” it so your seller becomes loyal to you and won’t even dream of doing their deal with someone else? This credibility is earned, not bought, so why do you do the money first? That’s my question. This one talent usually turns regular real estate investors from being Clark Kent into Superman. Knowing how to do what the great Dan Kennedy says: “Going from pest to welcome guest,” not only makes more deals, but bigger profitable deals. In this podcast, we will not be doing the normal, but something a lot of different. We will bust out of all the theory and walk down the path of “doing.” Here is how … What Pete and I are going to do today is a whole lot of role-playing so you hear it live. Write my answers down, then do it yourself as soon as you are done listening! Most gurus charge thousands for a seminar to learn this stuff and today I am going to give it to you on a silver platter for free. So take notes, please …

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