Episode #206 Part 2: How To Easily “Flip” Seller’s Objections Into Profitable Deals Ethically!

By | June 22, 2020

Imagine this … Your real estate seller turned from being the typical “suspect” into a true bonified “prospect” simply by asking for an offer. And because you have been studying my (or others) real estate investing materials you were able to keep your prospect interested in your offers. But, now comes the hardest process of the whole transaction … answering the sellers questions. Handling any objections (or rebuttals) so the seller feels comfortable about working with you or carrying on with this transaction. What do you do? How do you keep this seller at the edge of his seat wanting to continue with turning his house over to you? By popular request this podcast is a continuation of Episode #205, where we wil not be doing this “normal”, but something different – “doing: so you can hear, copy, and repeat yourself. Pete will be role-playing as the skeptical seller and banging Bill (the deal maker) with objections. And Bill will answer with is proven and tested answer that almost always satisfies the seller so the deal moves forward. Your going to want to take notes on this one … So be sure to grab pencil and paper. Here we go …

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