Episode #209 46-Extrodinary Advantages To Dazzle Sellers, Byers, And Investors In Every Lease Option Deal!

By | July 13, 2020

Take a moment and ask yourself… How many real estate deals you can profitably produce when money or price is not the issue? Plus, you and I know there seems to be hundreds of creative techniques out there to choose from! But most have trouble with these strategies because they study them, feel they know enough, go out and do what they were taught, and more often than not … fall on their face. Why is this? Is there a common denomination to all of this? What if I told you there is one basic step you need to get in your business that makes all of these strategies work like gas in a car engine? This unusual podcast is a seguey off last weeks episode #208: What To Say To Real Estate Sellers To Qualify Them For Creative Deals, Even When You Are Stuck! In this episode, we will cover how to use these extraordinary advantages to dazzle your sellers, buyers, and investors in every lease option deal while qualifying your sellers to do a creative deal so everyone wins in the transaction. By shear knowledge of each of these benefits you will soon start asking better questions and satisfying sellers, buyers, and investors.

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