Episode #210 Paperwork We Use To Do Creative Real Estate Deals Easily!

By | July 20, 2020

It is a known fact the biggest barrier to most real estate investors entry into this extremely profitable industry is – FEAR! And I personally believe this comes from not knowing which wild animal in this jungle is poisonous and can kill you, and which ones won’t? Legal considerations could be the biggest monster in most minds of anyone who does not understand it. Which, to me, means the savvy investors somehow get through this wall of fire – to only flourish and prosper, on their terms in life. In this one-of-a-kind podcast I am going to explain you the paperwork that is signed if risking everything you own, and which paperwork has no risk at all. My intention is you leave this episode knowing that every time you sign your name on documents and don’t fulfill your agreement you won’t be hunted down personally, without even bothering with the house? And you will soon see how controlling and owning real estate is a fearless game without many opponents once you do what this episode will teach you do. If you have a vaccine for a disease, the disease become powerless. This podcast is that vaccine for the disease called fear!

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