Episode #217: How To Properly Manage Lease Options

By | September 7, 2020

It is well a well known fact that real estate investors make their money while negotiating the buy, and collect these profits once sold. So this bears the question: How do you manage the lease option sale profitably? You worked really hard to find, negotiate, and close this deal. Then you were clever on finding the right buyer, get your deposit, do the contracts, and put them in the house. But how do you manage the property so you get paid (and on time), plus make sure required repairs and maintenance are done, and done correctly? What if tenants want to add a deck, a new bathroom, or refinish a basement? What happens if the tenant is late with a payment, or worse, misses a payment? How about helping them get a mortgage, or fixing their credit like you promised? In this podcast we are going to have an unusual conversation about all of these topics so once you are done listening you can have a way better understanding of what to do when selling on a lease option profitably and successfully. So grab something to write on, and let’s get started …

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